Asian Artists

List of Thai artists and foreign artists based in Thailand. This database welcome famous artists and emerging artists based in Asia : Singapore, Hong-Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Japan, etc. Feel free to contact us to add your artist bio and share it to worldwide audience.

Thai art for sale - Svetlana - Abstract Flower - 30x30CM - 5

Svetlana Markova

Svetlana Markova is a Russian artist, living in Thailand.

Somyut - Thai Art - Yut - 02 - 120 x 150


Somyut Buarapan is a Thai artist living in Bangkok. You can buy his artworks online at studio price.

Aninta Boonnotok # Thai artist

Aninta Boonnotok

Thai artist Aninta Boonnotok is the typical profile of the artist of the new generation of talent in contemporary art in Thailand.


Paitoon Jumee

Paitoon Jumee is a contemporary Thai artist, portraitist. Paitoon studied art at the Thai Vijitsil Art School 93-96 and at Pohchang University 96-98.

Age - Portrait 39 - 120 x 145 - 28 - edit

Padungphon Rincom

Thai artist Padungphon Rincom (Age) is very famous in Asia but also in Europe where art lovers collect his famous and unique portraits, ode to Thai pop art.

Climbing Man Wall Sculpture - Tanop Wichyanundh


Nop is a very famous Thai artist in the expatriate community in Thailand. He designed superb sculptures, inlcuding the famous swinging and climbing men.


Kanistha Chaipanya

Kanistha Chaipanya is a Thai artist you can meet all weekend at Chatuchak market.

Tanawat - Untitled 08 - 100 x 120 - 15

Tanawat Suriyatongtam

Tanawat Suriyatongtam is a major Thai artist, super creative, multi-medium avant-gardist artist. Even he is still young, his already inspires the new generation of Thai and Asian artists

Chuthip - 29 - 120 x 150 - 15

Chuthip Chinchokchai

Chuthip Chinchokchai is passioned by women and fashion design. He gives a tribute to glamour women and fashion with a fabulous collection of acrylic paintings. Available for art commissions.

Arthit - Woman with Golden Hair Cloud - 120 x 120 - 30

Arthit Pansuay

Arthit Pansuay is a Thai artist, he loves to use oil as the medium to create afro girl abstract portraits. Highly demanded, it becomes difficult to find artworks in stock, but Arthit is available for art commissions.

Pariwat Anantachina - HK #1

Pariwat Anantachina

Thai artist Pariwat Anantachina who is commonly called Mr Big, is famous by lovers of Thai art, especially for his digital photo collage of world’s cities.

Warawut - Human format No 1 - 160 x 190 - 90

Warawut Tourawong

Warawut Tourawong is a rising Thai artist awarded a few times by the National Gallery, Thailand. His art is often exhibited in Asia: Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam.

Ta - The lovers in arms - 40 x 50 - 11

Suthamma Thimkaeo

Suthamma Thimkaeo is a Thai artist influenced by Botticelli. Artfinder selected this thai artist as one to watch and invest in 2018.

Pramaul - woman 03 -165 x 135 - 80

Pramaul Thungprue

Pramaul Thungprue is a very warm and welcoming thai artist.

Lek - Child Monk 16 - 120 x 120 - 34

Kanisorn Inthasuk

Kanisorn Inthasuk is a Thai artist living in Bangkok.

Kongsak - 01 - 150 x 150 - 25

Kongsak Poonpholwattanaporn

Kongsak Poonpholwattanaporn, it is much more convenient to call him Ty, is a contemporary Thai artist whose works have traveled extensively.

Monton - Naked 12- 145 x 175 - 20

Monton Tang

Monton Tang is a thai artist using acrylic painting to pay tribute to the woman, her beauty, her body, her sensuality.


Narudom Wongwitsiriporn

Narudom Wongwitsiriporn is a thai artist.

Ja - On Leash 02 - 25 x 25 - 09

Anchana Chareapaporn

Thai artist Anchana Chareapaporn is a self-educated artist painter, best known for her amazing acrylic paintings representing cats in a super creative way.

Worapol - Painting 33 - 130 x 160 - 85

Worapol Nuanla-Ong

Worapol Nuanla-Ong is a Thai young artist. His creations Including acrylic and Oil painting and sculptures and Mix Media paintings.

Anek - Portrait 17 - 170 x 140 - 20

Anek Natenoi

Thai artist Natenoi Anek is an artist able to pay tribute to traditional Thai Art or Buddhist Art and itsuniversal symbols.

Num - Brush of Life 2 - 45 x 45 - 5-5

Jitti Jumnianwai

Jitti Jumnianwai Thai is a young artist, particularly inspired by his childhood memories, he takes pleasure in feeding his endless collections of robots.

Jirawat Pramphet - Ride Life - Acrylic and Ink - 100 X 100

Jirawat Pramphet

Jirawat Pramphet is a thai artist – painter – sculptor – and street artist.

Kraiphet Pitakpreechakij - Lady - Orange - 80 x 100

Kraiphet Pitakpreechakij

Kraiphet Pitakpreechakij is a young Thai artist painter.

Vichit Nongnual - Untitled Portrait 10 - 145 x 190

Vichit Nongnual

Vichit Nongnual is a Thai artist famous among collectors, gallery owners and enthusiasts of Art around the world. You can buy his work online now.

Popkapi - Jakkrit Chewapanya - Crazy Buffalo 2 - 160 x 120.jpg.

Popkapi – Jakkrit Chewapanya

It will be difficult to find more multi-active, multi-passionate and multi-talented than Thai Jakkrit Chewapanya, aka Popkapi.


Nattaya Sriyawong

Thai artist Nattaya Sriyawong exhibits her superb abstract art and pop art painting collections in Bangkok.


Wachara Hounphirom

Wachara Hounphirom is a Thai artist considered as master artist by its excellent reputation to master certain techniques like few artists are capable of.


Suriyan Namwong

Suriyan Namwong is a young Thai artist very promising. Those who are discovering a Banksy immediately think, what he does not hide.


Sumath Kunsumaso

Sumath Kunsumaso is a Thai artist who excels in abstract art. His paintings are exposed in many lobbies of famous hotels in Bangkok.


Narongrit Vannarat

Narongrit Vannarat is a Thai young artist who excels in that it uses the oil paint or acrylic. Picasso’s influence is reflected in his works.


Pisit Buasiri

Pisit Buasiri is a young artist of many talents. He loves to reproduce figures from nature to compose his abstract art.

Art For Sale # Phudist Ridswaeng # Abstract Art # Thailand # 2

Phudist Ridswaeng

Phudist Ridswaeng, called Add, is a Thai artist inspired by Thai culture and especially Prateep Kochabua, a surrealist artist renowned in Thailand.

Anuchit Klinkulab - Pop Art - Jim Morrison

Anuchit Klinkulab

Anuchit Klinkulab, Thai artist, exhibited his pop art paintings and metal sculptures animals and objects straight from his creativity.


Seri Phuengporn

Seri Phuengporn is a Thai artist with various talents. On weekdays, it responds to requests for projects as an interior designer entrusted to it by owners.


Gwyn Faenol

Gwyn Faenol is a sculptor and a painter from Wales living in Bangkok in the middle of thai artist community for several years.


Bathma Kaew-Ngok

Thai artist Bathma Kaew-Ngok, called Bat, is a leading expert in pottery and ceramics.

Boonchai Wedmakawand - Thai Art - Women - 6290 - 120x140 cm

Boonchai Wedmakawand

Boonchai Wedmakawand is a remarkable artist. Accomplished photographer, he loves to satisfy his passion for wildlife photograph.


Chaiwan Thanyaudorn

Chaiwan Thanyaudorn is a Thai artist painter inspired by Buddhism and one of the icons of Thailand, elephants.

Melanie Gritzka Del Villar - Art - Demeter

Melanie Gritzka Del Villar

Melanie Gritzka Del Villar is a Filipina-German artist who engages with issues of identity and hybridism through mixed media and found objects.

Sophon Waenthongkham - Bui - 16 - 120 x 60

Sophon Waenthongkham

Sophon Waenthongkham is a Thai artist inspired by Jackson Pollock and the masters of abstract art. It shows amazing semi-abstract art collections.


Tattaya Laokwansathit

Tattaya Laokwansathit is a thai artist painter inspired by everyday life.

Art For Sale # Puritat Deangharm # Islamic Poetry # 1

Puritat Deangharm

Puritat Deangharm is a Thai artist inspired by Buddhism and Thai traditional art.


Papin Thongbuo

Papin Thongbuo is thai artist who create acrylic painting, oil painting and sculpture.

Pongsak Kamjornrasamekit - Muse #3

Pongsak Kamjornrasamekit

Pongsak, called Tonic, is a Thai artist painter inspired by nature and keen on new technologies and graphics, that he practices too.


Amnat Tuntayanon

Thai artist Amnat Tuntayanon is a young artist who excels in the combined use of oil paint and acrylic paint to compose abstract art paintings.


Nattaporn Intarasuwan

Nattaporn Intarasuwan is a young thai artist painter.

Amy Diener - Dance Release - 40 x 40

Amy Diener

Amy Diener, American artist in Bangkok, Thailand.

Anurak Namaphai - Issan Farmers - Thai Art

Anurak Namaphai

Thai artist Anurak Namaphai claims and maintains his thai-artist-farmer ambivalent reputation. From a young age, Anurak cultivates rice from Thailand.


Prapaipan Yantaporn

Prapaipan Yantaporn is a Thai artist who studied fine arts at the famous Bangkok College of Fine Arts and the renowned Silpakorn university.


Virat Rungpayak

Virat Rungpayak is an amazing Thai artist with an excellent reputation in China where his artworks are adored by art collectors.


Tarat Laokwansathit

Tarat Laokwansathit is a Thai artist who create portraits, especially with oil painting.

Artist Interview - Karma Sirikogar 08

Karma Sirikogar

Karma is and make abstract-surreal art by surrendering to the present moment. Artist, training art therapist and freelance creative in Bangkok, Thailand.


Mongkol Suwanmanee

Mongkol Suwanmanee is a Thai artist living in Bangkok. He is also a photographer and you can see his artworks and meet him at Chatuchak weekend market.

Dusit Pimchangtong # Chinatown #3

Dusit Pimchangtong

Thai artist Dusit Pimchangtong is a must painter. His landscapes, mainly representing Bangkok by night, are simply amazing.

Kitti Narod - Wild - 100 x 120 - Gay Art

Kitti Narod

Kitti Narod is one of those Thai artists who have already made ​​their reputation at the international, we include London, among others.

Aranya - Portrait 36 - 150 x 150 - 39

Aranya Khunchonwuttichai

Thai artist Aranya Khunchonwuttichai is a remarkable artist and already recognized by the world of contemporary art in Thailand.

Natcharee - Abstract 31 - 150 x 150 - 10

Natcharee Leelawatana

Natcharee Leelawatana is a young Thai artist who paints abstract art.

Bird - Collage Fabric Scenery 01 - 130 X 150 - 25

Tanarug Sangpradub

Tanarug Sangpradub, aka Bird, is a Thai artist inspired by his childhood souvenirs that marked his memory, especially the time he used to play with clay toys.


Chainarong Lerdsirabavonchai

Chainarong Lerdsirabavonchai (SOS) is Thai pop artist living in Bangkok. His artworks are mixed mediums based on acrylic – collage – sometimes photography.

S.A.C Bangkok - Live a life by Songwoot Kaewvisit - Solo Exhibition

Songwoot Kaewvisith

Songwoot Kaewvisith) is a famous Thai artist, Master of Art in Silpakorn University, and honored dozens of time, in Thailand, Asia and US.

Art For Sale - Thailand - Kee - cat

Pansa Panruksa

Pansa Panruksa (Kee), is a Thai artist, photographer, pop artist who loves to mix different techniques with fashion or family photographies.

Art For Sale - Thailand - Mam - cat

Arporn Sang-on

Female artist Arporn Sang-on, is a Thai landscape artist. She uses acrylic paint to create abstract landscape mainly dedicated to the sea.

Vipanee - Crazy Girl - 140 x 180 - 65

Vipanee Suesakul

Thai artist Vipanee Suesakul, is famous for dedicated pop art to childhood and boxing. Her style makes her art unique and a top seller in Art Fair of Asia.

Vatcharapong Nakakrut - Angel Of Dreamcather No 1 - 120 x 150

Vatcharapong Nakakrut

Thai artist Vatcharapong Nakakrut, called Nak, loves to mix his passion for tattoos and pop art to create superb portraits using acrylic paintings.

Chamnan Chongpaiboon

Chamnan Chongpaiboon

Chamnan Chongpaiboon, Thai artist who works in an adventurous graphic style, informed by modern media images and Japanese print-making.

Attasit Pokpong - 102 - 150 x 150 - 450

Attasit Pokpong

Thai painter of Large-scale colorful pop-influenced, close-up portraits of Asian females with iconic mysterious faces with large eyes and luscious lips.


Adam Turnbull

He belongs to the community of Thai artists for several years. He finds his inspiration to produce a pop-art.


Psiam Sudkhunth

Siam Sudkhunth paintings breathe Buddhism influences, it also represent wonders that encounter between traditional Thai and contemporary art.

Pila Pansumrit Thai artist

Pila Pansumrit

Pila Pansumrit is a Thai artist inspired by Jackson Pollock. Her abstract art collections are amazing.