About Onarto Art

Onarto is an ecommerce where art lovers from around the world can buy original artworks made in Thailand, by Asian, International and local artists.

History and Team

Supersogo CO LTD launched Onarto Art as an art blog about Thailand Art in 2012, it became an art e-commerce website in 2013, to support thai art market and emerging demand in contemporary art made in Thailand from around the world.

Founder and CEO, Miss Matchaya Kongsong, made Onarto to support thai artists and promote her native country as country of art and creative, considering the huge and still not exploited potential art market in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

The Headquarter offices art based in Bangkok CBD Silom Road.

Ben, General Manager, lead an international team in charge of 200 artists based in Thailand.

How to join Onarto?

If you want to sell your art on onarto.com, even you are Thai or from any country, living in Southeast Asia will be enough to show your art to the world and sale your art online.

Please contact us and let us know which artist who are, you’ll got answer very quickly.