Melanie Gritzka Del Villar

Melanie Gritzka Del Villar is a Filipina-German artist who engages with issues of identity and hybridism through mixed media and found objects.

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A few words about Melanie Gritzka Del Villar

Melanie Gritzka Del Villar (born 20 August 1982 in Munich) is a Filipina-German artist with a background in figurative painting. More recently she has been drawn to the use of found objects and mixed media processes.

Having lived in Germany, Spain, England, Thailand and the Philippines, her creative journey has been shaped by an ongoing search for harmony out of disparate cultural and environmental elements. This translates into a sensibility towards stranded objects as holders of fleeting meaning and of latent possibilities for alternative narratives.

Gritzka del Villar’s creations are palimpsests traced from a dialogue with the found materials and the environments of which they are a product. She brings to this encounter her own idiom of archaic and dream symbols, inviting the individual histories and inherent properties of the surfaces to speak out in each piece. In uplifting fragments from the flotsam and jetsam of our hurried and restless lives, the artist hopes to inspire audiences to challenge given hierarchies of value.

About myself and my art

I consider myself a synthesizer of different cultural references, of archaic as well as dream symbols; a reclaimer of discarded or overlooked surfaces.

I am interested in a new human ecology, one that respects our interdependence as human beings, our own inner nature, and the natural environment. My main expression is painting, however I frequently use collage and layering techniques too and venture into mixed media work.

My art is a record of my experiences, emotions and visions – a record that charts a lived personal reality which hopefully touches upon a more collective and universal truth.

Melanie Gritzka Del Villar info

Artist Melanie Gritzka Del Villar

Nickname Mel

Country Of Origin Germany and the Philippines

Medium Oil on Canvas, Acrylic on Canvas

Artistic Education M.A. Art History, The Open University, UK, 2012 PGCE Art, Sunderland University, 2010 B.A. (Hons) Fine Art, First Class Honors, Staffs, UK, 2006

Artistic Influences Yargo de Lucca, Frida Kahlo, Paula Rego, Tosha Albor

Inspiration Human beings – environment

Favorite Material oil on canvas, driftwood, street walls

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