Virat Rungpayak


A few words about Thai artist Virat Rungpayak

Virat Rungpayak is an amazing Thai artist with an excellent reputation in China where his artworks are adored by art collectors. Its collections of obese men and tattooed that look like gods on the several meters wide canvas made him an artist loved by the foreign buyer and the rest of Asia. A grandiose sense of power and through you when you are in front of these masterpieces. Thai artist Virat Rungpayak is a must.

Virat Rungpayak Biography

Artist Virat Rungpayak

Nickname Meung

Country Of Origin Thailand

Style acrylic painting – painting on canvas – oil painting – drawing

Artistic Education Silpakorn University

Model, Artist Favorite Ajarn Silapa Teerasee

Inspiration Thai culture – spirits

Favorite Color black and white

Favorite Material his brush

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