Custom art, painting remakes, custom portraits etc.

Art commission is by definition the remake of a specific and already existing piece of art from the same artist. The use of the word remake emphasizes on the fact that it is indeed the recreation of an existing piece but not every detail will be exactly the same. Therefore, every piece is still unique.
But commissioning an artist can also, in a broader way, be the request of a brand new creation like a portrait for instance.

Onarto is the leader in online art transactions and commissioning in the country. Nowadays, the majority of art creations are commissioned. Due to the fact that art is getting more and more recognition in Thailand, the most popular artists have their artwork reserved in advance. This has made it more challenging to have a stock of pre-existing paintings.

Commissioning an artist for an art recreation can be applied to every form of art. This goes to include paintings, sculptures, design, drawings etc...

Although, at Onarto we mainly focus on paintings which include portraits, landscapes, and abstract art.

You have to keep in mind that not every artist is willing to reproduce their art for various reasons. Some piece of art is, also, very difficult if not impossible to reproduce due to their very unique style like abstract paintings for instance.

To establish a successful art commission, the details must be discussed by email prior to the order of the art.

Even though the price of commissioned art is often the same as the one of the original, it is set by the artist by a quotation according to the type of art commission you have requested. Photos and drafts by the artist can also be requested.
Some paintings can be modified after being completed by the artist in case the client wants to change anything. This specific case should be discussed prior to the agreement.

If you decide to go through with your order, 50% of the total price has to be paid in advance. Once the painting is complete, a picture is sent to the client for confirmation and the rest of the payment should be made before the shipping.

After receiving the payment, the artwork will be shipped on an adapted postal tube to avoid damages and the shipping fees are offered.

These artists take requests for art commissions

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    - Can you reproduce a piece of art that is not listed on your website?


    - Can you reproduce a piece from an artist that is not listed on your website?


    - How long does the making of the commission take?

    Between 1 week and 1 month, depending on size, details and medium of artwork.
    Some artists are highly demanded so it can goes to a queue and can be longer.

    - How will I know I will get the same painting I have ordered?

    You should look at our case studies, you will see the quality of work by artists we decide to work with.

    - Can I request a commission on a piece of art that is not listed as available for commission art?

    Yes, we always be able to contact other artists and manage the commission, just give us details in the inquiry form.

    - Can I request a commission from every artist on the website?

    Not all artists are able to provide commission, please look at the list above.