Aranya Khunchonwuttichai

Aranya - Portrait 36 - 150 x 150 - 39

A few words about thai artist Aranya Khunchonwuttichai

Thai artist Aranya Khunchonwuttichai is a remarkable artist and already recognized by the world of contemporary art in Thailand. Her work consists of acrylic portraits but sometimes graffiti when it comes to give shape to the walls of Bangkok.

Aranya Khunchonwuttichai Info

Artist Aranya Khunchonwuttichai

Nickname Khun M

Country Of Origin Thailand

Style acrylic painting - portrait

Artistic Education Pohchang Academy Of Arts

Model, Artist Favorite Frida Kahlo

Inspiration family – human being

Favorite Color white

Favorite Material brush

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  1. Avatar for Ben Franceska Alexander on October 6, 2017 at 1:54 am

    Love you work, we met in Thailand…I purchased your “mountains” abstract when we bought a lot from Attasit.

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