Vipanee Suesakul

Thai artist Vipanee Suesakul, is famous for dedicated pop art to childhood and boxing. Her style makes her art unique and a top seller in Art Fair of Asia.

Last modification : October 18, 2017
Vipanee - Crazy Girl - 140 x 180 - 65

Name: Vipanee Suesakul
Born: February 18, 1976
Nationality: Thai
Based: Bangkok Thailand

Vipanee Suesakul is a Thai female artist, inspired by Pop art – loves to use acrylic to create unique style portrait, mainly children, boxers, and boxing children.

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– Diploma, Rajchamonkol Institution (Poh-Chang Faculty)
– Graduated, Rajchamongkol Institution (Klong6)

Vipanee Suesakul art for sale

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  1. Rob Ault on April 13, 2020 at 12:05 am

    Hi, I own one of Vipanee’s pieces and am looking to sell it and would appreciate some information about the piece and how to go about doing it. Thanks

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