Tanawat Suriyatongtam

Tanawat Suriyatongtam is a major Thai artist, super creative, multi-medium avant-gardist artist. Even he is still young, his already inspires the new generation of Thai and Asian artists

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Tanawat - Untitled 08 - 100 x 120 - 15

Tanawat Suriyatongtam bio

Name: Tanawat Suriyatongtam


Bhanditpattanasilp Institute
College of Fine Arts, Bangkok
M.F.A. Graphic Art, Sitpakorn University Bangkok


2015 Exhibition at Pandora Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2016 Exhibition “IN-TRI-SECTION” Qube Gallery, Philippines

Solo Exhibitions

2007 : Solo Exhibition “Chon Chon” at Jamjuree Art Gallery

2008 : “Losing Face” Solo Exhibition, The Gallery, Bangkok

2010 : After World” Solo Exhibition, Number1 Gallery, Bangkok

2013 : “Losing Face 2” Solo Exhibition, Jamjuree Art Gallery

Awards and Honours

2000 :

Special Award, The 17th Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Yong Artists.

Award Winner, The 12th Toshiba “Brings Good Thing to Life” Art Competition.

4th Prize, “multiple Choice” Graphic Art

Competition by British Council: 1st Prize, “Playground of Your Imagination” Nokia Art Award Competition


2nd Prize, Nokia Art Award Competition, Asia Pacific, South Korea

1st Prize, Thailand Art Exhibition by the Philip Morris Group of Companies

Award Winner, 6th Hitachi Contest

2002: Daggah City Bangladesh 10th Art Asin Biennale


3rd Prize Medal Graphic Arts. The 49th National Exhibition of Art

Award Winner. The 15th Toshiba “Brings Good Thing to Life” Art Competition.

Print Exhibition Tokyo 2003 Silpakorn University and Tama Art University Japan


The 50th National Exhibition of Art

The 16th Toshiba “Brings Good thing to Life” Art Competition.  Art Market Project Art Exhibition Print from Printmaking Classes


The 51st National Exhibition of Art: 2nd Sixty Years of Happiness Under His Most Benevolent and Majestic Rule


The 52nd National Exhibition of Art: The Exhibition Sculpture Competition 2006 by Rotary

2nd Amata Art Award 3 2006


Third Prize KASIKORNBANG Golden Paintbrush Painting Competition 2011

Award Winner King Prajadhipok’s Institute Art Award

Award Winner The National Assembly Art Award

2012: Honorary Mention Prize The White Elephant Art Award

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