Padungphon Rincom

Thai artist Padungphon Rincom (Age) is very famous in Asia but also in Europe where art lovers collect his famous and unique portraits, ode to Thai pop art.

Last modification : September 30, 2019
Age - Portrait 39 - 120 x 145 - 28 - edit

Age (Padungphon Rincom) is a Thai artist, born in Chiang Mai and educated at Prochang Faculty of Art, Bangkok.

Since a few year, his work as painter finds great success with his pop art collection – inspired by women, using the portrait as a wall for deep texture work and free drawings representing his own life, especially childhood.

Paintings by Thai artist Age are available on art commissions, especially the sold out that artist can remake as a new version – still unique but looking like his own original creation.

Contact us if you are interested in Age paintings.

Artist Bio

Artist : Padungphon Rincom (Age)
Date of birth : February 10, 1977
Address : Bangkok Thailand.
Education : Diploma, Rajchamongkol Institution,( Porchang Faculty ) Gracuated, Rajchamongkol Institution,( Klong 6 )

Art Exhibitions

1999: Group Exhibition “Negative Idea” Central Pinklao Bangkok
2009: An Art object exhibition “See Saw Seen” at River City
2012: Exhibition Grand Opening V64 Art Studio Bangkok Thailand.(Jan20th –Feb20th)
2012: Installation & Sculpture Exhibition “Up to Go” At V64 Art Studio (Jul. 21st-Aug. 21st)
2013: Exhibition 1st Anniversary “Simple >>> Tomorrow” V64 Art Studio Bangkok Thailand.
2014: “Oasis of Freedom”  V64 Art Studio’s  2nd Anniversary, Bangkok, Thailand.
2014 : “Grand Opening Woo Cafe Art Gallery” 26 October Woo Cafe Art Gallery, Chaingmai, Thailand.

2015-2018 : Many group exhibitions in Asia.

Padungphon Rincom (Age) portrait for sale

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  1. Bradley penny on January 14, 2021 at 1:38 am

    Hi Ben
    I wondered if you can help me,my late sister has a painting by age untitled portrait pink.
    I’m trying to get a valuation on this piece

    • Ben on February 12, 2021 at 7:46 am

      Dear Bradley,

      please email us I will with size, color, I will give you the estimation of value.

      Kind regards,


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