Vatcharapong Nakakrut

Thai artist Vatcharapong Nakakrut, called Nak, loves to mix his passion for tattoos and pop art to create superb portraits using acrylic paintings.

Last modification : October 5, 2017
Vatcharapong Nakakrut - Angel Of Dreamcather No 1 - 120 x 150

Vatcharapong Nakakrut artist bio

Name: Mr. Vatcharapong Nakakrut

Born: September 19, 1977, Chumporn

Educational: College of Fine Art, Lat Krabang, Bangkok, Thailand

B.F.A. Thai Arts, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand (second honor)


1998 -selected in the 10th Art Exhibition “Brings Good to Life” by Toshiba Thailand

1999 -selected Hitachi Art Exhibition

2001 -“…” Bhanakorn Gallery Bangkok, Thailand

2003 -“Thai Arts Department Exhibition” Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

2003 -“Open House” Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

2003 – selected in the 15th Art Exhibition “Bring Good to Life” by Toshiba Thailand

2005 – selected in the 51st National Art Exhibition, Thailand

2006 -“Sepia” Si-Am Art Space Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2012 -36 Year Anniversary Thai Art Department: Thai Art Exhibition,

The Queen’s gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.

2015 -“Friendship”, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Khon Kaen University, Thailand.

Honour :

1998 -First Prize of the 10th Toshiba “Brings Good to Life” Art Exhibition 1998

1999 Praise Award Winner Hitachi Art Exhibition

2003 -Special Award of the 15th Toshiba “Brings Good to Life”

Art Exhibition 2003

2004 -The Scholarship for Art Thesis Awarded by the Statesman

General Prem Tinasulanonda Foundation

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