Terms and Conditions

Last update : 19 Sept 2019

General Terms and Conditions

This document (the ‘General Terms and Conditions’, hereinafter referred as ‘the document’, ‘this document’) lays out the terms and conditions of your relationship with the website Onarto.com (hereinafter referred as ‘Onarto’, ‘this website’, ‘the website’, ‘this site’, ‘the site’ and ‘we’), a brand of SUPERSOGO CO LTD, registered under the Section 1096 of the Thai CCC (Civil and Commercial Code) and having registered address at /109 Soi Ladprao 87, Wangthonglang, Bangkok, 10310 Thailand (VAT ID: 0105556073715).
Access to this website and the products/services available through the same (hereinafter collectively referred as ‘Services’) are subject to the Terms of Services’. By accessing the website and using Onarto services, you agree to the Terms of Services, as updated from time to time. We encourage you to read the General Terms of Services to take informed decisions while using Onarto website and/or services offered by the same.

1.1 Modification of Terms of Services

Onarto reserves the exclusive right to modify, redesign or terminate the website and all its contents and/or the services offered through the same. Onarto also reserves the right to modify the terms of services furnished herein at any time and without prior notice. Users of the website will be duly notified about any modification of the terms whatsoever. The ‘Last Updated Date’ at the beginning of this document refers to the date when the Terms of Services were last modified. By continuing to use this website and/or by using the services, you agree to the modified Terms of Services. If you do not agree to any or all of the Terms and Services, we recommend you to leave this site and/or cease using the services offered through the site.

1.2 Using the website

The Terms of Services are written in English. In the event of any translated version contradicts the terms of the English version, the English version shall be considered as the legally valid version. Onarto support via email is also available in French and Thai languages apart from English.

1.3 Eligibility preconditions

To use this website, you must be aged 18 or above and must be compliant with the General Conditions, as updated from time to time. You agree that the personal information provided by you is true and correct. Onarto reserves the exclusive right to terminate relationship with any client who has been litigated by Onarto on the ground of non-payment for any previous order.

Utilization of site

2.1 Artworks

The artworks sold through the site are intellectual properties, i.e. unique paintings and unique sculptures. Artworks sold through the site also include photographs of original artworks and printable copies of original artworks. Each and every artwork displayed on the website is accompanied by pertinent information about the respective artists and a Certificate of Authenticity.
Prices of artworks as displayed are non-inclusive of taxes as per current Thai taxation regulations and shipping charges. Prices of all products are indicated in Thai Baht (THB).

2.2 Taxes

All prices, fees, commissions and other amounts mentioned herein, including all prices, commissions and fees mentioned elsewhere on this website are indicated in Thai Baht (THB) and are not inclusive of Sales Taxes, Usage Taxes, Value Added Taxes (VAT), Goods and Services Taxes (GST) and/or similar taxes and withholding taxes that may be legislated by any government authority (hereinafter referred as ‘Taxes’). Prices, fees, commissions and other amounts indicated in Thai Baht (THB) are also not inclusive of customs, duties and/or tariffs that may be legislated by any government authority. Taxes not included in prices of services/products are otherwise payable under pertinent government tax regulations.
The omitted taxes and customs obligations are susceptible to be demanded by competent authorities. These tax and customs obligations are not a part of Onarto’s pricing policies. You will be responsible for paying the taxes and customs as may apply in terms of the taxation policies of the government and/or concerned authorities of your country. We highly recommend you to know about the applicable charges/taxes from your local authorities/government organizations.

2.3 Color

You understand and completely agree to the fact that Onarto puts reasonable efforts to display the actual colors of the artworks, as well as the digital representations and printed copies of the same through this website. However, you may see slightly different colors because of the color settings and output quality. Onarto assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of colors of original artworks as well digital copies and printed copies of the same. We disclaim all liability regarding the color accuracy of the artworks we display on this website.

Prices, payment, order

3.1 Prices

Onarto reserves the right to modify/update the prices of products on display at all moments. Onarto holds exclusive rights to the artworks on display until the complete payment of the indicated prices is performed by client. All payments made through this site and using third-party payment gateways are subject to realization.

3.2 Placing an order

To place an order, users of the website are required to follow the below-mentioned steps in order to complete the action.
• Obtaining specific artwork related information from respective pages/sections of this website
• Clicking on ‘Add to Collection’ button next to the artwork for adding selected artwork (s) to shopping cart
• Editing cart (this entails adding and removing items)
• Providing billing and delivery addresses by using online form that can be found in the next page and registering with Onarto if required (registered users can skip this step)
• Choosing payment method (For more details, see Section 3.1.ii of this document)
• Accepting general conditions of sale and proceeding to the payment page
• Paying with the chosen method (Credit Card or bank transfer)
• The order placing session expires upon the confirmation of payment by the bank. Onarto sends a confirmation of order to user’s registered email address subsequently.

3.3 Methods of Payment

Onarto accepts four modes of payment that are:

• Bank Transfer
Indicated amount mentioned as price needs to be transferred to the below-mentioned account.

Type : Current Account

• Credit Card with Paypal
More information: www.paypal.com

• Credit Card with Omise
More information: omise.co

• Cash
No cash on delivery, cash accepted only when items are picked up at our office.

3.4 Security of Payments

Payments made through Credit and Debit Card are secured by PaypalPaypal uses 128-bit encryption (the highest level available) and is one of the most trusted payment gateways across the world.
The account information provided by user is secured with SSL (Secured Socket Layer) encryption. The data does not freely flow on the web and cannot be wiretapped. Your card information (Card Number, Expiry Date etc) is not accessible by Onarto and its staffs.

3.5 Security of website

Onarto’s website is completely secured with SSL encryption. The domain (onartofront.staging.wpengine.com and all the inner pages) are secured by HTTP secure communications protocol (https/). As Onarto is a full-SSL website, it uses asymmetric cryptography to ensure highest safety of the users.

3.6 Processing of orders

PayPal payment is validated by Onarto when the ordered artwork enters the stipulated shipping process.
Payment made through bank transfer is subject to realization by bank. Hence, Onarto initiates shipping process only after getting confirmation from bank.


4.1 Shipping address

Onarto delivers products to all countries that are covered by UPS, TNT and DHL. For delivery to countries that are not covered by the aforementioned, Onarto requires the customer to send a request in written.
Delivery of products is affected by the accuracy of information provided by the users. The delivery address specified by user should not be a Post Office, Fleet Post Office or Army Post Office. Onarto and its shipping partners shall assume no liability for delayed or failed delivery of products purchased if address information provided by customer is incorrect. Buyers are not permitted to change shipping/billing address once the order enters shipping process.
However, users are encouraged to contact Onarto as early as possible. Onarto will inspect the possibilities of shipping address change/modification.

4.2 Mode of deliver

The possible delivery modes solely depend on the quantity of item (s) and the size of the item (s) ordered and also the destination country/state. If an order comprises of articles of different sizes, the largest article’s size will be taken in consideration by Onarto.
Onarto reserves the right to select the transporter/freight company.
The delivery time may vary depending on the destination country and the transporter. Onarto does not entertain any request for indemnification, for whatever reason that may be, after an item purchased enters the shipping process.

4.3 Shipping fees

Onarto advocates democratization of art and has included the shipping fees for a numbers of artworks.
For other, the shipping depend on location, and the shipping fees includes packaging and dedicated tube for paintings.
Insurance terms and conditions are aligned with that of the transporter companies.
Shipping fees do not includes eventual customs and import taxes, depending on each country policy.

4.4 Reception of Delivery

Upon receiving the order, it is the buyer’s responsibility to open the package so as to verify the state of the order. In case the delivered order is broken, damaged, or tampered, users are advised to return the package to the deliverer with mentioning the problem whatsoever, and report the problem by contacting us on the same date.
We highly recommend buyers to take photos of unopened and opened packages, and the contents of the packages for claiming compensation/refund.
The reception of the items already delivered successfully annuls all future actions that may be initiated by the buyer against the transporter and/or Onarto for damage or loss of items ordered. The recipient or buyer has to lodge a complaint regarding damage or loss of items within three days of reception (excluding Holidays) using an extrajudicial act of writing a letter to or shooting an email to Onarto.

Customer Service

For any query, users are encouraged to contact the customer service of Onarto via email. We will be delighted to provide you with all the information you want about artworks on display and your order.

For getting a copy of our Privacy Policy, please write to the below-mentioned address:

653 Baan Silom Arcade
Room Number: C4/2 Building 7, Floor 3rd
Soi Silom 19, Silom Road, Bangrak
Bangkok 10500 Thailand
VAT ID : 0105556073715

Onarto, a brand of SUPERSOGO CO LTD, is run by Ms M. Kongsong (Director, Onarto)

Intellectual Property

All the artworks displayed on this website are protected by copyright, which entails the right of the artist, right of trademarks, right of models and other intellectual property rights. ‘Item’, ‘Order’ and ‘Artwork’ are interchangeable terms and all of these terms refer to the photographs, designs, images, illustrations etc.
Therefore, any form of reproduction, re-utilization, adaptation, modification incorporation, and commercialization of the artworks on display is strictly forbidden. Any form of copyright infringement is subject to litigation as per the laws of Thailand and International Laws.

Safety of Personal Information

Users can find or modify their personal information by visiting their respective account pages on Onarto.com. Onarto collects personal information of users for different reasons, including but limited to creation of user account, subscription to company newsletter and order processing. The data shared by the users go through computerized data processing and are not subjected to manual handling. Onarto follows the highest data security standards and does not practice unauthorized data sharing/selling.