Svetlana Markova

Svetlana Markova is a Russian artist, living in Thailand.

Last modification : December 13, 2023
Thai art for sale - Svetlana - Abstract Flower - 30x30CM - 5

Artist Bio

Svetlana Markova is a Russian artist, living in Thailand.

She is a modern artist, designer of cozy home decor and traveler. Currently when she travels, she embraces the culture and beauty of the country her live in. When she comes to a new place, she loves to study local culture and art, so sometimes you can see the traditional motifs of the different cultures in hers artworks.

She unexpectedly gone blind in one eye a few years ago. Ever since the world has become even brighter for her. She has learned to noticed so many amazing things that she hasn’t paid attention to before. She has tried different techniques and styles. But her favorite ones is mix fluid art with other techniques. She often uses hands, water and fire instead of brushes. They give her the indescribable feeling of freedom and beauty. Her abstract works are unique and can’t be repeated ones again.

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