Puritat Deangharm

Puritat Deangharm is a Thai artist inspired by Buddhism and Thai traditional art.

Last modification : April 2, 2018
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Puritat Deangharm

A few words about Thai artist Puritat Deangharm

Puritat Deangharm is a Thai artist inspired by Buddhism and Thai traditional art. Part of his work consists of an tribute to the Buddhist art, the other part of abstract paintings. Puritat uses acrylic paint and oil paint. His recently work on typography for a commissioned collection with arabian typography and a work on arab poetry and proverb. You can see and purchase this art collection online.

Puritat Deangharm info

Artist Puritat Deangharm

Nickname Tu

Country Of Origin Thailand

Style paintings – fabric – acrylic – oil paintings

Artistic Education Silpakorn University

Model, Artist Favorite Lucian Freud – Paul Klee

Inspiration environment evolution – history

You can buy Puritat Deangharm art online now

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