Bathma Kaew-Ngok

A few words about thai artist Bathma Kaew-Ngok

Thai artist Bathma Kaew-Ngok, called Bat, is a leading expert in pottery and ceramics. He creates everyday beautiful useful objects but also simple objects as Art, just made to be appreciated by eyes. Many thai artists consult Bat to learn and know more about what they consider as an Art, ceramics.

Bathma Kaew-Ngok info

Artist Bathma Kaew-ngok

Nickname Bat

Country Of Origin Thailand

Style Pottery – ceramic

Artistic Education Chulalongkorn University

Model, Artist Favorite Kanji Atarashi

Inspiration nature

Favorite Color Earth tones

Favorite Material hands

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Ben is general manager and founder of SUPERSOGO, a start-up which oversees various projects in Thailand, including

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