Aninta Boonnotok

Aninta Boonnotok # Thai artist

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Aninta Boonnotok

Thai artist Aninta Boonnotok is the typical profile of the artist of the new generation of talent in contemporary art in Thailand. Inscriber, graphic designer, drawer, painter, Aninta Boonnotok is a artist graduate of Fine Art from the more than famous and prestigious Chulalongkorn University.

His works are unique in that employ a mix all the techniques he mastered to give a unique character to the artworks he creates.

Artist infos

Artist Aninta Boonnotok

Nickname Kwan

Country Of Origin Thailand

Style mixed media – collage – design – etching – Figurative art

Artistic Education Bangkok College of Fine Arts – Chulalongkorn University

Model, Artist Favorite himself

Inspiration animals – human beeing – colors – daily life

Favorite Color all colors, but he doesn’t like violet

Favorite Material pen – marker

Exhibition Of Artworks –

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