Chainarong Lerdsirabavonchai

Chainarong Lerdsirabavonchai (SOS) is Thai pop artist living in Bangkok. His artworks are mixed mediums based on acrylic - collage - sometimes photography.

Last modification : October 20, 2017

Chainarong Lerdsirabavonchai (SOS), create thai pop art inspired by his passion for most figures of Pop Art.

Artist Bio

Name : Mr. Chainarong Lerdsirabavonchai
Nick name Noi (SOS)
Born: 8 April 1975
– Department of Fine Art, King Mongkut’s Institute of Teachnology Ladkrabang

Art Exhibitions

– Exhibition “Chiming”  Bangkok: 2000
– Exhibition “ Art Thesis Exhibition” The Mercury Art Gallery, Bangkok: 2001
– Exhibition “Yonee Relax Group”  Café De Moc, Bangkok: 2001
– Exhibition “Art on Wall” Hof Art Gallery, Bangkok: 2007
– Exhibition  “Change” Hof Art Gallery, Bangkok: 2008
– Exhibition  The Luxe Art Museum, Singapore: 2012
– Exhibition S Gallery, Bangkok:  2015
– Exhibition “EROS”  Hof Art Space, Bangkok: 2015


Chainarong Lerdsirabavonchai pop art for sale

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