Anurak Namaphai thai artist

Anurak Namaphai

A few words about Thai artist Anurak Namaphai

Thai Artist Anurak Namaphai claims and maintains his thai-artist-farmer ambivalent reputation. From a young age, Anurak cultivates rice from Thailand, famous to be the best rice in the world. It continues each year to participate in crops, to his native land. The rest of the time, Anurak paints rice and farmers in rice field, under sun of Thailand. His attachment to his land and wealth have made him one of the best painters of landscape in Thailand. His paintings, sometimes immense, honor the best ways the magnificence of the rice fields and country of Thailand.

Anurak Namaphai is also an accomplished portrait painter, his portraits of charcoal is the work of a master and he’s recognized in Thailand for his hyper realistic work.

Anurak Namaphai info

Artist Anurak Namaphai

Nickname Ruk

Country Of Origin Thailand

Style acrylic painting – landscape

Artistic Education self-educated

Model, Artist Favorite Claude Monet

Inspiration famous classic artists – friends

Favorite Color oil color

Favorite Material all

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