Dusit Pimchangtong

Dusit Pimchangtong # Chinatown #3


A few words about thai artist Dusit Pimchangtong

Thai artist Dusit Pimchangtong is a must know painter in Bangkok. His portraits, often inspired by the members of his own family, are very popular with Chinese and European collectors. His landscapes, mainly representing Bangkok by night, are simply amazing. Dusit Pimchangtong only use Oil painting.

Dusit Pimchangtong Info

Artist Dusit Pimchangtong

Nickname Muek

Country Of Origin Thailand

Style portrait – oil painting – figurative art

Artistic Education Pohchang Academy Of Arts

Model, Artist Favorite himself

Inspiration nature – society – nudity – landscapes

Favorite ColorFavorite Material – Oil painting

You can see Dusit Pimchangtong art online now !

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