Psiam Sudkhunth

Siam Sudkhunth paintings breathe Buddhism influences, it also represent wonders that encounter between traditional Thai and contemporary art.

Last modification : September 5, 2016

Psiam Sudkhunth, Thai artist

Psiam Sudkhunth, known as Siam, will not leave anyone indifferent. If his painting breathe Buddhism influences, it also represent a wonder the encounter between traditional Thai art and contemporary art. The works of Siam to the delight of the largest hotels in Thailand that require a modern luxury with a strong local architectural identity.

Siam is also a sculptor, and able to shape the metal recycling and even a work of very high quality carpenter. His metal art made with recycled motorcycle is a must in Thailand and already have found a lot of lovers around the world. The cares of detail is essential for this self-educated artist who is also recognised as one of the best singer, drummer and percussionist of the community of artists living in Bangkok. Browser all original art of Thailand by Psiam Sudkhunth.

Psiam Sudkhunth info

Artist Psiam Sudkhunth

Nickname Siam

Country Of Origin Thailand

Style Acrylic Painting – mixed media – sculpture

Artistic Education self-educated

Model, Artist Favorite nobody

Inspiration social problems – environment

Favorite Color all colors

Favorite Material brush

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