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Our expertise let us manage framing, packaging and art shipping for dozen of artists and art galleries in Thailand. We love to ship art around the world.

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Packaging the paintings and sculptures

Most of the artwork is in our custody but there are some pieces that are still with the artists.
So if you see a piece that suits your liking then we immediately procure it for delivering it to you, no matter where you are in the whole world.

We manage the whole packaging process. Process for the different items is explained in detail.

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Frameless paintings - Wrapped / rolled in a tube

This is how nearly all of the paintings are delivered around the world. The procedure is simple, straightforward and effective. The painting is taken off its canvas by our well trained team and they carefully place the canvas into a tube provided by Onarto. Each tube is perfectly adapted for the artwork that is being delivered so that the item is well secured for travel.

Once the artwork is carefully set inside the tube, the shipping company comes at our office and the package is taken by them after which the track order for the artwork is sent by the shipping company.

One thing that you must remember here is that you are responsible for providing a new frame for the painting once you get it.

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Framed paintings

This is a very rare occurrence but possible for some specific artworks. To make sure that the packaging of the whole piece is done professionally, the shipping company is chosen to perform the packaging right at our office.

Once the packaging is complete and all aspects of safety have been checked and double-checked, the shipping company takes away the package and provides the tracking number for the painting.

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Sculptures also require the same customized packaging as the framed paintings and for that the shipping company is directly involved in the packaging.

They provide a suitable and well fit packaging for each sculpture according to its size and weight. Once that is done the packaging is thoroughly examined for the safety of the sculpture.

After that the packaged sculpture is taken away by the packaging company and the tracking order on the sculpture is sent over.

Art shipping company

Artworks ready to pass the borders

The priority here is to make sure that every aspect of the packaging is well handled for your satisfaction.

Whether it is handling the documentation for the customs office or paying the shipping fees or providing you with the guarantee that you will get the product with the utmost surety and insurance, we take care of it all.

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The best shipping companies

We collaborate with the top delivery shipping companies to provide art shipping service and the companies currently under our use include the following:

  • DHL:
  • TNT:
  • UPS:

Delivery and Insurance policy

We deal in high-value / unique / rare artworks and for that reason we don’t leave the safety of the product to chance. The insurance is a must on every artwork and you cannot avoid that fee from the price as an option.

Each one of them has nearly the same policy on insurance but there are slight differences which are taken care of. You are also kept informed about the delivery of your artwork and the link provided to us by the shipping company is very useful in that. You get updated about the delivery status as soon as we receive the tracking number from the company. You can find more details about your order on their website after you get the tracking order. For more details on the shipping companies visit the URLs provided above.


This is a crucial matter in the whole shipping process. Our customs experts are dedicated to making sure that each artwork that you order is properly processed and no problems come up during the time of delivery. The customs fee is also taken care of which means each artwork is processed and prepared for shipping in advance.

Each request that you send for a purchase is responded within 24 hours

Most of the artwork is in our custody but there are some pieces that are still with the artists.

So if you see a piece that suits your liking then we immediately procure it for delivering it to you, no matter where you are in the whole world.

Have questions? Ask away

Onarto Team is dedicated to providing you with a service that you can trust. If there is anything that you want information about, you can contact us right away and we will respond to your queries ASAP.

Our contact team supports three languages which include English, French and Thai so you can ask about practically anything from anywhere in the world and you will get a response in your favored language.

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