Anuchit Klinkulab

Anuchit Klinkulab - Pop Art - Jim Morrison

Anuchit Klinkulab thai artist

I am Anuchit Klinkulab, Thai artist

The Thai artist Anuchit Klinkulab exhibited his paintings of pop art in the middle of the metal sculptures representing animals and objects straight out of his imagination. Anuchit Klinkulab is a complete artist who loves to blur the lines between contemporary thai art he represents as well as the pop art inspired by universal icons worldwide.

Anuchit Klinkulab info

Artist Anuchit Klinkulab

Nickname Aek

Country Of Origin Thailand

Style Acrylic painting – illusionism – spray – mixed media – abstract art – figurative art – pop art

Artistic Education Silpakorn University

Model, Artist Favorite Pablo Picasso

Inspiration sight – touch – spiritual

Favorite Color white

Favorite Material hands

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