Street Art News

“People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish… but that’s only if it’s done properly.” ― Banksy, Wall and Piece


Art Exhibitions: Hong Kong Art Week 2016, Art Day Out! etc


Art Exhibitions: Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, etc

Artist Spotlight - Aaron Glasson - feat

Aaron Glasson – Vibrant Murals

Artist Interview - Cece Nobre 17- feat

Interview with Cecê Nobre – Anthropological Street Artist

Artist - Best of Pow Wow Hawaii 11-Feat

Best Murals from Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2016

Artist Spotlight - Saddo 02 - Feat

Saddo : 10 Things About the Street Artist

Street Arts - Okuda Paints - Skater Church - Spain - Feat

Street Artist Okuda Paints Spanish Skatepark/Church

Artist Interview - Karma Sirikogar 17 - feat

Artist Interview – Karma Sirikogar

Inside Stockholm - Amazing Subway Stations - feat

Inside Stockholm’s Amazing Subway Stations

KAWS debut UK show 03

NYC Artist KAWS Debuts at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Best New Street Art 2016 - artist unknown - jaime rojo - feat

Best New Street Art of 2016 – 15 Photos

Cho Why - Antithesis - Jan 29 - feat

Cho Why – Antithesis by Sabek and J.M. Yes

Things To Do in Bangkok This Week - Art 28 - Onarto

Art Events in Thailand – January 25

Bangkok Dock Yard - bukruk music festival

Jam Factory – BukRuk Music Festival – Jan. 23

Jam - Another Devil On The Wall - feat

Jam – Another Devil On the Wall (ADOTW)

Bukruk Urban Street Art 2016 - Bukruk 2016 - feat

Bangkok’s Bukruk Festival 2016 – A Celebration of Street Art

Chom - Graffiti Gang's Bangkok Sweet dreams - feat

Chomp – Graffiti Gang’s Bangkok Sweet Dreams

BSA Most Popular Murals of 2015 - Street Art - New York - JR - feat

Brooklyn Street Art’s Most Popular Murals of 2015 – Worldwide

Grown-up Playhouse - Street Art - Street Art Haven - Sao Paulo 09 -feat

Grown-up Playhouse & Street Art Haven in São Paulo

Hyper-realistic Bathing Ladies Street Art by Hula 1

Hyper-realistic Bathing Ladies Street Art by Hula

Half-painted Hotel Artistic Interior by Pavel Vetrov 1

Half-painted Hotel Artistic Interior by Pavel Vetrov

Graffiti Gifs made from Street Art Paintings 5

Graffiti Gifs made from Street Art Paintings

Banksy hoax graffiti street art

Calm Down: The Banksy Arrest is a Hoax


Brazil : Street Art graffiti to protest against world cup


Russians Urban Ninjas on top of 650m Shanghai Tower