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Welcome the second week of October! We would like to inform about Art events and exhibitions in Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Beijing.

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Welcome the second week of October! We would like to inform you the art events and exhibitions in BangkokSingaporeHong KongKuala Lumpur, and Beijing on 10th – 16th October 2016. Please check the information below.

Bangkok Art Exhibitions

Jam – Death for Five Voices


A 1995 film by German director Werner Herzog. It follows the works, legend and murders of Carlo Gesualdo, a notorious Italian composer and murderer from the 16th century.

When: 12th October 2016 
Where: JAM

Toot Yung Gallery – The Ratchaprasong Art Maze: Urban by Nature


Toot Yung Gallery presents works of 6 artists, Sakarin Krue-OnMontri ToemsombatHaritorn AkarapatRuangsak AnuwatwimonNoraset Vaisayakul and Sophie Kao Arya. They will transform the skywalk between the BTS Chitlom station and Central World with their interpretations of nature in an urban space for this celebration of Thai creativity.

When13th October – 13th November 2016 
Where: Ratchaprasong Sky Walk

Bridge – The House Of The Devil


A college student who desperate to make some money for a new apartment, takes a mysterious babysitting job to find out that there is no child, but an old lady that she has to care of instead. Soon she discovers a horrifying secret behind her employment.

When13th October 2016 
Where: Bridge

NACC – FLASH FORWARD: Rapat’s Photo Festival


Developed from a project called Flash Forward : Neon Blink twice mean someone missing you. It will exhibit series of photographs that narrates how the artists tried to capture the change that happen around them.

When14th October 2016
Where: NACC

Subhashok The Arts Centre – One For The Birds


Natanel Gluska, the artist who sees the spirit of nature in materials, plays with wood to create a woodcut that presents the image of the woods in his memory profoundly and passionately.

When15th October – 13th November2016
Where: S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre



DREAM PROPERTY is a project of Miti Ruangkritya that examines the nature of property development and its relationship to the city. It reflects upon transformed of nature in the context of an ever-expanding Bangkok cityscape and raise questions concerning aspiration, reality and the future of the city.

When15th October – 27th November 2016

23 Bar & Gallery – Art Exhibition by Moon


“Moon” a group of artists based in Bangkok that come together to show their art in a different place.

When15th October 2016
Where: 23 Bar & Gallery

Art Exhibition and Event in Singapore

artcommune gallery – Urbanscape Duet


This joint exhibition showcases 20 new works by Anthony Chua Say Hua and Hong Sek Chern. The artists collaborated in an effort to create a new pictorial language through the marriage of their creative aesthetics using Chinese ink as a medium. 

When14th – 23rd October 2016
Where: Artcommune Gallery

TAKSU – Swimmer: Seah Zelin


Swimmer is a solo exhibition by Malaysian artist Seah Zelin. The body of work defined Zelin’s strong statements on form, identity, and remedy for homogeneity.

When13th – 20th October 2016 
Where: TAKSU

Anthroponymous – Sensorium Emporium


Anthroponymous returns with the Sensorium Emporium. Come join in the reading group / experiment / body, as we begin to make sense of our non-sense, reimagining our kaleidoscopic sensorium beyond the traditional division of the five senses, and its stake in our sensibilities towards the world.

When10th October 2016
Where: 1 Jalan Pisang

iPRECIATION – Portable Art Week 2016


Portable Art Week 2016 is an annual group exhibition of small collectible fine art aims to dispel myths that art collection is only for a select few, and ease off any intimidation that people may face in buying or collecting art. The exhibition includes Boo Sze YangJason LimQuek Kiat SingEzekiel WongKel WinTay Bak ChiangOh Chai Hoo.

When13th – 22nd October 2016

Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery – Why Nude Why Not


a solo exhibition and book launch by Loh Khee Yew. A seminal presentation of his artistic career, featuring a comprehensive body of his works on nude as art from 1990 – 2016.

When14th – 18th October 2016
Where: Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery

Hong Kong’s Art Exhibitions

Contemporary by Angela Li – An Inner Journey


An Inner Journey‘ aims at looking at the wider and wiser perspective of life. The artworks by the various artists will represent the form of human which is in dire need of taking the path of the inner journey in order to redefine the meaning of life. The artists featured include Cang XinChen WenlingWu Didi and Zhang Qikai.

When6th October – 28th November 2016 
Where: Contemporary by Angela Li

Simon Lee Gallery – One way conversation


New sculptures by Angela BullochOne way conversation… is a continuation of Bulloch’s latest body of work. The stacked columns of polyhedra have a stylized geometry and manufactured surface sheen that alludes to minimalism and technology. 

When14th October – 19th November 2016 
Where: Simon Lee Gallery

Pearl Lam Galleries – A Romance of Many Dimensions


A Romance of Many Dimensions vibrant geometric paintings explore the concept of “dimensions” through the use of colour and shapes. Sinta Tantra combines public art elements inside the gallery space, splicing together the interior and exterior world—tentatively, fluidly, and on and off the beat.

When: 23rd September – 22nd November 2016
Where: Pearl Lam Galleries

Ben Brown Fine Arts – Claude & François-Xavier Lalanne


The exhibition will bring together the organically-inspired and ornate works of Claude Lalanne and her husband François-Xavier Lalanne in the form of mirrors, chairs, lighting and various whimsical sculptures with the iconic works in the form of sheep and deer.

When: 15th September – 9th November 2016
Where: Ben Brown Fine Arts

Fine Art Exhibition in Johor, Malaysia

Art Gallery of Southern University College – Masterpiece 2016


The Museum and Art Gallery of Southern University College in Johor is hosting a solo art exhibition entitled Masterpieces 2016. This show will feature 20 paintings on rice paper by veteran artist Tang Juey Lee. Paintings are done with acrylic and Chinese ink for outline.

When8th – 31st October 2016
Where: Art Gallery of Southern University College, Johor

Animation Forun in Beijing, China

Frontier Center – Gravitational Wave


The 5th China Independent Animation Film Forum “Gravitational Wave”, which is planned by Lei Lei and Chen Xi. Independent Animation exudes charm uninterrupted as people long for from the great pleasure that echoes with animation.

When: 14th – 18th October 2016
Where: Frontier Center, Beijing, China

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