NYC Artist KAWS Debuts at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Brooklyn-based artist KAWS makes his UK debut at the expansive outdoor grounds of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in West Bretton, England.

Last modification : September 15, 2016
KAWS debut UK show 03

KAWS debut UK show 03

New York City’s Brooklyn-based artist, KAWS made his UK museum debut at the expansive outdoor grounds of the hyped Yorkshire Sculpture Park in West Bretton, England.

KAWS debut UK show 04

The playful sculptures, measuring between 6 to 10 meters in height, are made out of wood and fiber glass and definitely add a sense of pop culture and light-heartedness to an otherwise typical outdoor scene.

KAWS debut UK show 05KAWS debut UK show 02

KAWS is known for his signature Mickey Mouse-esque figurines, which often appear as pairs. Despite their cartoonish appearance, the “Companion” character manages to display a range of very human emotions, from despair to to strength and compassion.

KAWS debut UK show 01

KAWS debut UK show 11

KAWS debut UK show 10

KAWS debut UK show 08

KAWS (Brian Donnelly), known as this generation’s Andy Warhol, started out as a graffiti artists in Jersey City during the early 90’s.

KAWS debut UK show 09


KAWS debut UK show 06


The exhibit at Yorkshire Sculpture Park includes over 20 works by the artist, and will include an indoor exhibit of paintings at the Longside Gallery. The showcase wil be on display through June 12, 2016.

KAWS debut UK show 07


Since his early roots in graffiti, KAWS has become internationally known for his billboard tagging and his limited edition toys and clothing.


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