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Things that can happen – Closing Exhibition: “The ABCs of Law”

August 19, 2017 @ 1:00 pmSeptember 17, 2017 @ 8:00 pm UTC+8

Things that can happen - Closing Exhibition: “The ABCs of Law”

Things that can happen closing exhibition:
“The ABCs of Law” by Law Man Lok

Date: 19 August – 17 September 2017
Opening hours: Thursday – Sunday, 1:00pm – 8:00pm
Address: Things that can happen, 1/F, 98 Apliu Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong
(Please note that there will be no opening event, but a closing party will be held on 17 September. Details to be announced.)

This last exhibition at Things that can happen, bringing the two-year experiment to a close, is a collaboration between Things and Law Man Lok (Lawman). It is a solo exhibition without resembling one. While spending slight effort in formulating a concept for the project under the pretence of his babysitting, Lawman nonetheless takes the opportunity to reconsider all the thoughts accumulated in his creative career, summarised in the form of ABCs (as in foundation). In this way, this “exhibition” becomes a site for Law’s scattered-brain, the landscape garden showcasing an inventory of the conceptual foundations for his creation. Well — due to certain restrictions, the landscape garden may not be quite complete, and Lawman asks your pardon, while he casually turns a thought or two into something.

Things that can happen x Lawman = The ABCs of Law
The ABCs of Law is an art project organised by Things that can happen and directed by Lawman. In this project Lawman will introduce concepts that significantly influenced his artistic career, as a way of organising his thoughts and communicating to his audience. Though there may be overlaps and even conflicts between concepts, this confusion is also an explanation for his continued quest. Part of the exhibition will be held at Things that can happen, with a few selected concepts, accompanied by related works.

Law Man Lok (aka Lawman), is a freedom-loving dude who enjoys creating things. He believes that (unless he be mistaken) his job should be to transform, through the power of imagination, all the worldly decay into spiritual fragrance. Media being a matter of convenience; it is more about embracing each and every encounter.

‘Things that can happen’ is a non-profit art space located in the historic district of Sham Shui Po, in Kowloon, at the heart of Hong Kong. ‘Things’ aims to provide a platform for open experimentation and dialogue in response to the rapidly changing social, political and cultural context of our city. Through our residency programme, we aim to support the furthering of discussions and aesthetic experiments in Hong Kong while connecting them to conversations and contexts beyond.

Inquiries: info@thingsthatcanhappen.hk



地點:香港九龍深水埗鴨寮街98號1樓 咩事藝術空間

總結為期兩年於深水埗的實驗,咩事的閉幕展覧「咩囉」=咩事藝術空間 X 羅文樂(羅文) 的展覽。雖說是羅文的展覽卻沒有半點像「個人展覽」的模樣。羅文他借辭湊囡囡不願努力策劃出既搶眼又集中的題目,反而借機沉殿一下自己在創作路上那些游思妄思,以ABCs (意即基礎)概括之,令是次所謂「展覽」成了散播羅式散漫,盤點他創作思考基礎的大觀園。唔⋯⋯本來的確是希望做到大觀園程度的,但是次礙於資源限制,不可能A至Z 都實現,大家還請將就一下,讓任性的羅文散漫地選上一兩個游思妄想,做點什麼。

咩事 X 羅文 = 咩囉
「咩囉」是一個咩事主辨,羅文主理的一個藝術項目。羅文會簡單介紹對他藝術路途有一定影響的概念,在疏理自己的同時也讓觀眾更為認識他的想法。縱使概念之間會有重疊旳部份,有時甚至出現矛盾,但羅文認為這份不徹不悟也是他繼續蹣跚上路的原因。展覽部份將於咩事 舉行,羅文會挑選兩三個概念,輔以相關作品展出。





August 19, 2017 @ 1:00 pm UTC+8
September 17, 2017 @ 8:00 pm UTC+8

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