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Cece Nobre Esoteric Exhibition @ Whisgars 23

September 23, 2014 @ 7:00 pm11:00 pm ICT


Whisgars 23 Present |||CECE NOBRE|||

Cecê Nobre is an anthropological artist working in a tropicalist style.
Cecê is a multinational artist with bases in the Americas and Asia. Oversaturation of colors, expressive faces, and unique spray painting techniques are qualities his work is known for. He’s painted in a number of widespread regions of the globe and his work portrays an interesting mixture of world culture. Due to his background in anthropology he often mixes esoteric symbolism or a play on languages to add a layer of mysterious puzzles for the viewer to decode. There is, in general, a pensive and deep tone in his work. Strong eye contact or contemplative side glances take the viewer into the empowered minds of his subjects. He is bold in his approach to color theory and his style is undeniably passionate.

Broken time, chase, the woodshed, blind pigs, and jake go hand in hand with half-wheels, shoulders, and maturation. You dig? Brought to you by Whisgars and Cecê Nobre, “Esoteric” brings the cultures of jazz, blues, cigars, and whiskey up-close and refined. The mystery these cultures carry is what makes them symbols of the intellectuals, the passionate, and the well versed. It’s a private knowledge held by few, an education given only to the experienced. “Esoteric” shines a light into this deep world of intellect. The history and prominence of Jazz and Blues music and its influence on the modern world is unshakable. Yet, the mysterious elements behind it all leave most as mere viewers, unable to understand the profound implication of these sophisticated cultures. Cecê Nobre will transmit these mysteries in a dynamic portrait series that pairs beautiful with Whisgars well-cultured quality.

Join us as we introduce you to The Tropicalist, Esoteric style of CECE NOBRE.
Saturation of colors, expressive faces and unique spray painting technique,
With Whisky, Cigar, and Blues.

Only at Whisgars 23


September 23, 2014
7:00 pm11:00 pm ICT

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