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Rockbund art museum – an opera for animals

June 22, 2019 @ 8:00 amAugust 25, 2019 @ 5:00 pm CST

Para Site Hong Kong- An Opera for Animals

Para Site is delighted to present the large-scale group exhibition, An Opera for Animals, curated by Cosmin Costinas (Executive Director/Curator) and Claire Shea (Deputy Director). Running from 23 March to 9 June 2019, the exhibition is a prelude to Para Site’s partnership with Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai. Between June 22 to August 25, 2019, at Rockbund Art Museum, and September to December 2020 at Para Site, the two institutions will develop and present together with two related exhibitions.

The exhibition looks at the histories and principles of classical opera present in European, Chinese and other traditions, using this high art form to investigate its relationship to lingering colonial traces as well as to the ways in which contemporary society is staged, constructed, and performed. It recognizes a clear overlap between the golden age of Western opera and the maximum extent of the European colonial era, at the end of the 19th century, and tracks the complexities of how the colonial project was being furthered and celebrated through the spectacle of opera.

Perhaps one of the richest art forms, the western term ‘opera’ has been used as the name to describe very different traditions of performance from around the world. An Opera for Animals interprets and reimagines ‘opera’ and these multi-faceted definitions, deconstructing operatic language and its numerous components to discover how these devices shape our contemporary landscape. Several works examine animals as symbols or devices of representation exploring our interrelated histories and how these relationships manifest in our world today.

Modernity, in close connection with the colonial project, also changed the physical, emotional, and symbolic relationship between humans and animals, in drastic contrast to ancient beliefs and indigenous systems of knowledge and value. Today, the animal spirits are more present in our global contemporary culture than it seems, connecting ancient beliefs with the fear of a future colonized by artificial intelligence.

The world of technology also continues to draw influence from the unique characteristics of certain animal species, enforcing this connection. The conflicts of staging, controlling, hiding, and repressing that occur within the operatic space are at the very core of contemporary reality, a world in which we are defined by constructed truths, digital parallel universes and the promise of new technological innovations in artificial intelligence.

The exhibition also seeks to highlight previously overlooked connections between European classical music and other musical systems, and, more extensively, the different acts of staging that have been crucial to the imagination of modernity.

The exhibition explores the way in which the future is now projected less as the rational thinking commonly remembered from previous decades – the advanced machinery, design, and utopian social forms—but once more as a place of fear, of animals that might take over in the artificial landscapes of tomorrow’s virtual reality.

「歌劇」一詞常用於描述發生在世界各地的表演、社會活動、娛樂、信仰等傳統。這些傳統大多歷史悠久且迥然不同,然而它們仍被籠統地稱為「歌劇」,稱為這一(相對年輕的)西方模板的地方形式。這種殖民歷史所遺留的簡單分類法促使我們重新反思歌劇作爲最高藝術形式的地位,以及與之密切相關的歐洲殖民歷史。從時間上來看,西方歌劇的黃金時代與歐洲的版圖擴張都發生在十九世紀末與二十世紀初,兩者幾乎完美重合——然而這並不僅是時間上的巧合,從 《杜蘭多》到《蝴蝶夫人》,再到爲蘇伊士運河落成而特別創作的《阿依達》,在歌劇中,以異域渴望為核心的敘事在歌劇中時常可見。



展覽《百物曲》感興趣的是, 隨著殖民時代的消亡和西方歌劇全盛時期的結束,上述的複雜性何以仍然生生不息。作爲平行討論,展覽也涵蓋了一個此前鮮有討論的問題,即歐洲古典音樂與其他音樂體系之間的關聯。同時,是次展覽也在更加寬泛的語境中,考察那些對我們的現代性想象至關重要的、不同的演出行爲。歌劇空間中有關演出、控制、隱藏與抑制的衝突正是我們所面對的當代現實的核心,例如那些人造的「替代」真相、數字平行世界、個人身份的自我表演,以及在智能領域愈發顯著的新科技轉向。因此,是次展覽以一種更加寬泛的方式來理解歌劇以及與它相關的「演出」與「舞台」等問題,並藉助這些術語來描述現今世界所想象並生成的合成風景。同樣地,動物之靈也連接着當下依舊可見的古老信仰與一種充滿未來感的恐懼,即新形式的非理性與智能對未來的殖民。與此同時,技術世界繼續從不同物種的特性中汲取靈感,進一步強化著這種關聯。



展覽空間設計: Wkshps + Leong Leong展覽識別與圖像設計:Wkshps

展覽《百物曲》(2019年3月23日-6月9日)為香港Para Site藝術空間與上海外灘美術館合作計劃的序曲。在兩個機構的共同推動下,該項目將於2019年6月22日至8月25日(上海外灘美術館)和2020年9月-12月(香港Para Site藝術空間)舉辦兩場相互關聯的展覽。


June 22, 2019 @ 8:00 am CST
August 25, 2019 @ 5:00 pm CST
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Rockbund art museum
20 Hu Qiu Lu, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China + Google Map

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