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A.m. space – INK as an Exercise in Contemporary Art II

March 1, 2018 @ 6:00 pmMarch 24, 2018 @ 8:00 pm UTC+8

A.m. space - INK as an Exercise in Contemporary Art II

“INK as an Exercise in Contemporary Art II”
Duo Solo Exhibition by Tsang Chui Mei and Tao Hoi Chuen

Opening Reception:
Mar 1, 2018 (Thu) 7:00-8:00pm

Artist Talk:
Mar 2, 2018 (Thu) 6:00-7:00pm
Guest Speakers: Kurt Chan, Chui Pui Chee
Languages: Mainly conducted in Cantonese

Art Basel Special Talk:
Mar 26, 2018 (Mon) 6:00-7:00pm
Guest Speaker: Zhou Jin
Languages: Mainly conducted in Mandarin

Exhibition Period:
Mar 1 – 24, 2018

Venue: a.m. space
(1C, Kingearn Building, 24‐26 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong)

Ink Long March Project is a continuation of the exhibition held in 2015. a.m. space will be re-examining “ink” in the contemporary context, through conducting a series of exhibitions. In a linear aspect, we will be reviewing the history of ink art development. By conducting open dialogue between artists born in 1970s to 1990s, the project proactively seeks to identify the evolutionary trend in ink. In exploring the horizon of the definition of, and the possibility in ink art, a.m.space selects artworks possess distinct ink features over time, addressing on the breakthrough in traditional boundaries, revealing the essence and spirits of Chinese Painting.

As the first exhibition in the project, a.m. space invited artists TSANG Chui Mei and TAO Hoi Chuen to discuss the infusion of Chinese and Western Aesthetics. TSANG and TAO make use of acrylic paint and Chinese ink to discuss the sense of contemporary in traditional Ink respectively. TSANG Chui Mei combines Chinese and Western elements to portrait form and sensitivity. Despite the lack of Chinese ink in the artworks, she is able to manipulate motifs in Chinese paintings in response to the abstraction in Chinese paintings. TAO Hoi Chuen carries out his existential explorations with Traditional Gongbi techniques. He inscribes his paintings with philosophical text, creating enchanting intertextuality in a traditional format. The two artists merge Chinese and Western Aesthetics in distinct manners and form discursive comparisons.

【About Tsang Chui Mei】
Born in 1972, Tsang Chui-mei lives and works in Hong Kong. She obtained her Bachelor and Master degree in Fine Arts from the Department of Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1996 and 2004 respectively. She was the winner of the Philippe Charriol Foundation 20th Anniversary Competition in 2005 and has had numerous exhibitions in Europe and Asia. Her work is collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and it is in private collections in various parts of the world. Tsang Chui-mei has been selected to participate in the artist-in-residence programme of Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, France in 2015. Tsang Chui-mei’s work is a space for the mind more than a physical place for holding any real object. It is in a shifting state imbued with the unknown or perhaps merely the nothingness devoid of all things. She prefers lyrical themes. Images are systematized and generalized by observation and transformed in the use of visual elements. From the obvious to the metaphor, some sorts of subjective, inexpressible emotions are inspired. Artworks are being collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Fringe Club, Philippe Charriol Foundation, Hotel ICON, Hotel Stage, Grotto Fine Art Ltd and private collectors.

【About Tao Hoi Chuen】
Tao Hoi Chuen, Jacky was born in Hong Kong in 1996. He is currently an Fine Arts undergraduate in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has spent his life in Beijing, Taiwan. His artworks are exhibited in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Tao expresses himself through drawing, calligraphy, photography and installation. He is most skilled at traditional Chinese fine-lined painting. His works reflect his contemplation on existentialism and phenomenology. He thinks the structural line and chiaroscuro presented in Chinese fine-lined paintings help to present the essence of objects. He is awarded Wucius Wong New Ink Art Award, Madam Jan Yun-bor Memorial Award for Chinese Painting and Calligraphy and Taiwan Joint Exhibition Excellent Awards.

《墨色作為一種當代藝術的練習II》: 曾翠薇﹑杜海銓雙個展


與談嘉賓: 陳育強、徐沛之 (主要以廣東話進行)

與談嘉賓: 周晉 (主要以普通話進行)


地點: a.m. space

a.m.space將於3月1日至3月24日呈獻《墨色作為一種當代藝術的練習II – 曾翠薇﹑杜海銓雙個展》。

繼2015年, a.m. space再度以當代水墨作為方向, 策劃一系列展覽。縱觀水墨藝術發展脈絡, a.m.space將聚焦於七十至九十年代出生的藝術家,對照新舊藝術家之異同, 以展覽形式展開跨年代的對話,梳理出當代水墨之道。「水墨長征計劃」以水墨作為傳統媒介為始, 探討水墨橫跨不同藝術呈現手法的發展。水墨畫自傳統中不斷演變¬,a.m.space着意自當代藝術世界中,選取具備時代特性的作品,藉此道出當代藝術家逐漸打破水墨作為創作媒介的唯一定義,延伸出水墨發展的種種可能。「水墨長征計劃」除了呈現當代水墨的獨特面貌,更為提煉出更多富有水墨精神面貌的藝術作品。

是次展覽作為「水墨長征計劃」於2018年首個展覽,a.m. space 分別邀請曾翠薇及杜海銓兩位藝術家,以作品探討中西美學的交融。兩位藝術家分別採用水墨和塑膠彩以作討論傳統水墨的當代性。曾翠薇的創作融匯中西方藝術元素, 作品着重形態的表現,並呈現出藝術家細緻情感。曾於創作中未有運用中國媒材,卻以中國畫中出現的母題回應傳統脈絡中之抽象性。杜海銓作品內容着意表達存在主義與現象學,以工筆畫結構性和明暗筆觸呈現事物自身。杜以傳統工筆畫結構結合哲學性的題款,於產生互文作用中增強畫面的表現力。兩人在主題和手法上分別錯開中西美學,開啟跨年代對話。




March 1, 2018 @ 6:00 pm UTC+8
March 24, 2018 @ 8:00 pm UTC+8
Event Category:


1C, Kingearn Building, 24‐26 Aberdeen Street, Central
Hong Kong, Hong Kong Hong Kong
+852 2547 9898

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