Art Events and Exhibitions: Bangkok, Singapore, Hong-Kong, KL etc.

Art events and exhibitions in Asia in 19th - 25th September. There are events in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taiwan etc.

Last modification : September 28, 2017

Hello Art Lovers! We would like to inform about art events and exhibitions happening 19th – 25th September in Asia. There are art events in Singapore, Hong-Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Taiwan.

Art Exhibition and Events in Bangkok

JAM CINÉ CLUB – A Snake of June


A stalker demands erotic acts from a woman in a sexless marriage

When21st September 2016 
Where: JAM

Bridge – Scare Season: Le temps du loup


Following a global cataclysm, Anne and her family set out for a safe haven at their holiday home. But, when they arrive, their hopes for safety are immediately dashed by a violent tragedy.

When: 22nd September 2016
Where: Bridge Art Space

ATTA Gallery – Paw Dee – Art Market


The new Art Market at Quartier Ave,The EmQuartier Shopping Complex, with ATTA Gallery.

When: 23rd – 25th September 2016
Where: The EmQuartier Shopping Complex

BACC – Cinema Diverse Director’s Choice 2016: The Female Perspective


a Japanese film, Happy Hours (2015) directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi and chosen by Pimpaka Towira, an acclaimed female Thai director and a winner of the Silapathorn Award (an honour for Thai contemporary artists), in 2009.

When: 24th September 2016, 14.00 – 20.30

Singapore’s Art Exhibitions

Maya Gallery Singapore – Pameran Kini


A group exhibition by emerging Singapore artists Gazaly Haron, Maisarah Kamal, Masturah Shaari, Midah Arshad, Rick Farid and Zaheera Hashim. It will showcase recent works, from paintings to sculpture, by local talents in various stages of their artistic journeys.

When: 20th September – 12th October 2016
WhereMaya Gallery Singapore

NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore – Talk by Anne Szefer Karlsen


Exploring the intersections between editorial and curatorial work, Curator-in-Residence, Anne Szefer Karlsen discusses the Scandinavian art book series “Dublett”, that aims to cultivate art mediation within a book format.

When: 21st September 2016
WhereNTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore

Visionairs Gallery – Iridoarthérapie


Phillipe Maniccaci draws our attention to the consequences of technology on our daily lives and how technological breakthroughs may result in alienation that mold our identities and social relations.

When: 22th September – 24th October 2016
Where: Visionairs Gallery

Yavuz Gallery – In The Loop


Jittagarn Kaewtinkoy’s first solo exhibition outside of Thailand.In The new series of work draws upon politics of Thailand’s past that echo and loop in the present. The exhibition will showcase paintings, sculptures and installations that reflect the complexity of political of Thailand’s history.

When: 23rd September – 16th October 2016
Where: Yavuz Gallery

Objectifs – The Weight of Air


The solo exhibition of Japanese artist Shinro Ohtake. The work captures a sense of life’s transience and density of the layers of time and its experience.The exhibition contains a series of large-scale fluorescent paper pulp paintings as well as a 320-page sculptural scrapbook, consisting of 160 individual artworks, that parallel his ongoing Scrapbook series of 68 artist book.

When25th September – 5th November 2016
Where: STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery

Art Exhibitions in Hong Kong

Edouard Malingue Gallery – Green Island


Green Island’, as described by João Vasco Paiva, “presents itself as a ruin of the present day, a post-human landscape, where its features are objects that carry in themselves the traces of mankind”.

When: 23rd September – 22nd October 2016
Where: Edouard Malingue Gallery

Leo Gallery – Déjà vu


So many objects are marked with memories, Zhao Yiqian takes  various everyday appearances of stories, times, spaces, events and images and carry out a visual decoding and recoding of them to form a “micro-emotional” painting form.

When: 22th September 2016
Where: Leo Gallery

South Island Cultural District – South Island Art Day 2016


The annual South Island Art Day. 18 galleries and artist studios open their doors and host exhibition openings, art performances, artist talks and guided tours

When: 24th September 2016
Where: South Island Cultural District

Hong Kong Observation Wheel –  ifva Everywhere


The first local outdoor moving images festival will take place at the Event Space of Hong Kong Observation Wheel including workshops and activities.

When: 24th – 25th September 2016
Where: Hong Kong Observation Wheel

Malaysia’s Art Events

The Co Kuala Lumpur – Design Disruptors


Design Disruptors provides an exclusive look into the processes, perspectives, and approaches of the product design and user experience (UX) leaders at the world’s foremost technology companies

When: 20th September 2016
Where: The Co. Kuala Lumpur

Taipei’s art exhibitions, Taiwan

Michael Ku Gallery – Let Us Not Be Sad Anymore


This solo exhibition focuses on the sense of loss humans feel after interacting with others, or a state of mind that is shaped by chaotic personal emotions, life, and pressure.

When: 25th September – 23rd October 2016
Where: Michael Ku Gallery

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