Art Event and Exhibitions in Asia: Bangkok Gallery hopping night, etc

Welcome mid autumn! September 12 - 18, 2016. The Gallery hopping night in Bangkok has returned and more exhibition is Singapore, Hong Kong, and Guangdong.

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Welcome mid autumn and greeting art lovers! There are new opening reception and on going art event and exhibition in asian in September 12- 18, 2016. On Friday This week we have The Creative District Gallery Hopping Night in Bangkok, where many galleries will be close until late. Do not miss this!

Bangkok’s Art Events

Speedy Grandma – Fossil / Human


Fossil/Human will exhibit letterpress prints, original illustrations and a two part explorative musical soundscape by Australian artists, Luke Elliot, musician and soundscape artist, and Bonnie Eichelberger, an illustrator.

When: 16th – 23rd September 2016 
Where: Speedy Grandma

Bangkok University Gallery – Allergic Realities


Paintings in Allergic Realities questions the reality and the idea behind them using layers of stencil papers in documentary photography style in order to search for new meanings.

When: 17th September – 29th October 2016
Where: Bangkok University Gallery

Serindia Gallery ANNEX – Mahaveer Swami


Mahaveer Swami is traditional artists working in India. There will be selection of works that reflect on Chinese landscapes, reminiscent of Song-dynasty painters and other imperial works. Others encompass traditional Indian miniaturist subjects as well as mythology and cross-cultural themes in Mahaveer Swami: A Painter from Bikaner.

When: 12th September  – 9th October 2016
Where: Serindia Gallery ANNEX

S Gallery – Paradoxes


A new solo show at S Gallery in honor of French famous street artist KOSTAR.

When: 14th – 21st September 2016
Where: S Gallery

RCAC – Metamorphosis of Japan After the War


The Photography Exhibition features 123 photographs divided into three sections: the Aftermath of War, Between Tradition and Modernity, and Towards a New Japan after WW2.

When: 17th September – 14th October 2016
Where: Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center

WTF Bar & Gallery – A fleeting home


a special pop-up photography exhibition by Vika Sukhova, Russian artist that draws inspiration from journeys and the everyday beauty of people’s faces, shapes and moments. Her photographs are both sad and ironic, and are filled with a longing for diversity.

When15th – 18th September 2016
Where: WTF Bar & Gallery

ATTA Gallery – SIX: 6th Anniversary


Celebrate our 6th Anniversary,  There will be a total of 31 “pieces” by 31 participating artists who had/will have exhibitions with ATTA Gallery in this exhibition.

When16th September 2016
Where: ATTA Gallery

Bangkok University Gallery – As They Grow Older And Wiser


The exhibition As They Grow Older And Wiser marks the debut of a new series of photographic images and installation by Ang Song Nian in which the artist re-presents the controlled environment of plant nurseries found in the Ongkharak district, Nakhon Nayok.

When: 17th September – 29th October 2016
Where: Bangkok University Gallery

Project 189 Bangkok – Nocturne


“Nocturne” is a portrait of Bangkok’s Chinatown which reflected isolation, loneliness, decay and death from Nana Chen exploration at during May and June 2016 as artist-in-residence at Project 189.

When15th – 18th September 2016
Where: Project 189 Bangkok

Art Exhibitions and Events in Singapore

FOST Gallery – In Light of the Ephemeral Silence


Solo exhibition by Eric Chan. Inspired by elements of Western cinematic traditions, each work in Chan’s new series of paintings is akin to a still frame from a film noir and experience of melancholy and of a temporal stillness in flux.

When: 15th September 2016
Where: FOST Gallery

NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore – Exhibition (de)Tour


This Exhibition (de)Tour is part of the public programme of Amar Kanwar: The Sovereign Forest. Dr Farish Ahmad Noor will speak about history of Southeast Asia, how the colonial imaginary envisioned Southeast Asia as a land of opportunities for capital with a modernist-instrumentalist mindset.

When: 14th September 2016
Where: NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore

Objectifs – North of the DMZ


Wong Maye-E showcases her pictures, built over two years, in perfect state parades alongside quieter moments of citizens going about their daily business, giving dimension to a carefully cultivated national image.

When: 13th September – 15th October 2016
Where: Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Film

Objectifs – The Weight of Air


A solo exhibition by Ng Hui Hsien. Hidden emotions and thoughts surface, as one tries to be still. The works question the relationship between oneself and the environments, and how one lives and loves.

When13th September – 15th October 2016
Where: Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Film

Hong Kong’s Art Exhibitions

The Hive Studios – Creatives in the House


A Collaborative Photography Exhibition showcasing unique pieces by members of the Hive creative community.

When15th September 2016
Where: The Hive Studios

Hung Fook Street – Magic Carpet: To Kwa Wan


Magic Carpet: To Kwa Wan is an outdoor screening of videos produced by students of Heep Yunn School at community space Hung Fook Street in To Kwa Wan. The event including workshops such as lantern making, cushion making, storytelling, and community cooking.

When: 15th September 2016
Where: Hung Fook Street

SoCO Gallery – Human library – meet an ex-offender


Meet face to face with 3 ex-offenders. Hear about his experiences and have a chat with him. There are limited seats and need to submit your request following the registration process in the events page.

When: 18th September 2016
Where: SoCO Gallery

Karin Weber Gallery – Wood Whispers


It is a curated showcase design works for sale of the Hong Kong’s designers ranging from prints, fashion accessories, up-cycled products to ceramics.

When: 16th – 18th September 2016
Where: Space 27

Art Exhibitions in Malaysia

Hin Bus Depot Art Centre – Visual Redux


Exciting works by Anees Maani, Ady Ezwan Nordin, Elias Yamani Ismail, Elham Shafaei, Mary Tang, Nik Mohd Husyaidie Che Hussin and Zulfakal Ali. The works shown are from other previous exhibition together with new works are brought to a new space.

When: 10th – 17th September 2016
Where: Hin Bus Depot Art Centre

Guangdong’s Abstract art exhibitions, China

Guangdong Museum of Art – Sean Scully


The exhibition, showcasing more than 60 works, focuses on the works of Sean Scully, renowned abstract artist, on paper, along with providing a platform for his major sculpture.

When: 6th September – 9th October 2016
Where: Guangdong Museum of Art

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