Asian Art Events: Richard Koh Fine Art, INSTINC, etc

Asian Art and Exhibition on 26th September - 2nd October 2016. More events from Partners & Mucciaccia, Richard Koh Fine Art, JAM Bangkok, etc

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It’s almost the end of September. Let’s take a look on Art Event and Exhibition in Asia in 26th September – 2nd October 2016.

Bangkok’s Art Exhibitions and Events

JAM CINÉ CLUB – Help Me Eros


Ah Jie spends his days smoking joints after lost everything in the stock market. He calls a suicide helpline and gets to know and fall in love with Chyi but got rejected. He begins projecting his fantasy of Chyi on Shin. The two sink into an erotic and psychedelic experince.

When28st September 2016 
Where: JAM

Bridge – Scare Season: Trouble Every Day


Scientist Shane Brown neglects his new bride and obsessed with searching for an old colleague who disappeared. Dr. Semeneau is keeping his wife prisoner in a room with boards nailed across the doorway. The narrative unfolds the dark secret that drives each party.

When: 29nd September 2016
Where: Bridge Art Space

ATTA Gallery – Theatre of Detail


An exhibition of new work by Gray Street Workshop partners, Jess DareSue Lorraine and Catherine Truman. The artists shared their fascination with the adaption of nature and science and reflect them out with their aesthetics skills.

When: 29th September 2016
WhereATTA Gallery

JAM – What the film WTF Short film festival


A one-night-only festival showcasing the 23 selected short films of local talents at Jam. All the films have English subtitle.

When: 30th September 2016

Bangkok CityCity Gallery – Whether it is art or not: Bangkok


A project that examine the life and works of a 77-year-old Thai artist, Chavalit Soemprungsuk, through the eyes of three designers who are fascinated by his artistic creations and also him as a person. 

When2nd October 2016
Where: Bangkok CityCity Gallery

Art Events In Singapore

INSTINC – Passing


PASSING is a collaboration of Rajshree Gupta from India and Bai Tianyuan from Singapore. The artists shared interest in Chinese ink. They combine traditional ink techniques with light projection and sounds ain order to explore the idea of passing as the transiting through stages of life.

When: 30th September – 2nd October 2016

SIPF 2016 – Roadside Lights


In Japan, vending machines is part of the infrastructure. They also prove the safety because these machines can be placed anywhere.  In this work, Eiji Ohashi captures landscape images of vending machines during snow-swept nights.

When: 1st October – 30th November 2016
WhereBugis MRT Station

Partners & Mucciaccia – Forbidden World


This exhibition illustrates Maurizio Savini’s artistic journey, from a specific material, chewing gum, and the most ‘pop’ color possible: bubblegum pink.

When: 1st October – 8th December 2016
Where: Partners & Mucciaccia

The Ngee Ann Kongsi Galleries – Poetical State of Mind


Three well-known contemporary Indonesian artists, Jendela Art GroupHandiwirman SaputraJumaldi Alfi and Yusra Martunus, showcase their passion for art through sculptural installations and paintings in the exhibition.

When: 1st October – 20th November 2016
Where: The Ngee Ann Kongsi Galleries

Hong Kong’s Art Exhibitions

Hong Kong Cultural Centre – Museum of Art on Wheels


‘Museum of Art on Wheels’ is BACK!  “Hong Kong Sign · Hong Kong Signature” will be the theme for this school year. The pop up museum including interactive games with a whole new look on this mobile museum.

When: 30th September 2016
WhereHong Kong Cultural Centre

Chi Art Space – X+Y


X+Y explores the transformative relationship between technology and sensory perception with large-scale artworks. The exhibition presents the large-scale artworks of both Phoebe Hui and Tung Wing Hong.

When: 29th September 2016
Where: Chi Art Space

Gallery EXIT – For now we see through a window, dimly


A solo exhibition of early photographic work by Luke Ching. Ching recorded views outside windows by transforming individual apartments into large pinhole cameras.

When: 30th September – 5th November 2016
Where: Gallery EXIT

Solo Art Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur

Richard Koh Fine Art – Descent


Nadiah Bamadhaj examines the power and influence of the Hamengkubuwono royal family over the Special Region of Yogyakarata in central Java. She expresses the idea with charcoal on paper collage that constructs images in a sculptural manner.

When: 28th September – 19th October 2016
Where: Richard Koh Fine Art

Art Perfomance in Chongqing, China

Chongqing Dimensions Art Centre – Weeds


Live performance directed by Chuan Zhao. Created and Performed by Meng WuJiamin WuChuan ZhaoDasi SunBo DingNian LiuJing Shi etc.

When: 1st October 2016
Where: Chongqing Dimensions Art Centre, Chongqing, China

Art Event and Exhibition of 19th – 25th September

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