Art Events in Asia: Gallery Ver, Chan Hampe Galleries, etc

Art Events in Asia on first week of October (3rd - 9th October 2016). Gallery Ver, Chan Hampe Galleries, L-Art Gallery, etc

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Greeting art lovers and welcome first week of October. There are art events and exhibitions in Asia opening this week: Gallery VerChan Hampe Galleries, L-Art Gallery, etc. Let’s take a look.

Exhibitions and Events in Bangkok

ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art – Prostration


Exhibits paintings, drawings and prints with mixed techniques by Thavorn Ko-udomvit. The concept is to express the gratitude and respect toward nature and the surrounding through the Buddhism philosophy about the possible change and impermanence.

When: 4th October – 6th November 2016 
Where: ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art

Gallery Ver – What You Don’t See Will Hurt You


New solo exhibition at Gallery Ver by Thasnai Sethaseree, sculptor and painter who is is best-known for his conceptual and relational works.

When: 6th October – 20th November 2016 
Where: Gallery Ver

Koi Art Gallery – Illusions


“Illusions” is a solo exhibition of Anuchit Klinkulab. As divulged by the exhibition title, Anuchit. The artist plays along with abstract lines and colors that only when the viewer walks further away from the works or takes a picture, the picture reveals themselves to be portraits of famous celebrities or personas.

When: 6th October – 30th November 2016 
Where: Koi Art Gallery

Neilson Hays Library – Between My Lines


“Between My Lines,” work by Sonea Rattanaruangsup is a collection that captures the impulsive nature of emotions that when triggered, can change how we perceive ourselves.

When: 6th October – 31st November 2016
Where: Neilson Hays Library

Bridge – Scare Season – Kill List


Nearly a year after a botched job, a hitman takes a new assignment with the promise of a big payoff for three killings. What starts off as an easy task soon sends the killer into the heart of darkness.

When: 6th October 2016
Where: Bridge

MIDNICE Gallery – Midnight Thought


Painting Exhibition by JP Pemapsorn.This exhibition will be as a language and inspiration without the boundary of reality. The audience who visit will be lead to the freedom they are seeking for.

When: 8th October – 8th November 2016
Where: MIDNICE Gallery

JAM – Queer Film Screening – Mama Rainbow


Queer Chinese filmmaker presents his film ‘Mama Rainbow’, challenging conservative mainland Chinese family values by documenting the mothers who love and accept their children regardless of their sexual orientation.

When: 9th October 2016
Where: JAM

JAM – Awkward Relationship – Exhibition of Tae Parvit


First solo show of Tae Parvit playful nuances sketches depict stories from his personal life, his visual diary.

When: 7th – 23rd October 2016
Where: JAM

JAM – Grizzly Man


Werner Herzog‘s,pieced together actual video footages to create a remarkable documentary examines the calling that drove Timothy Treadwell to live among a tribe of wild grizzly bears on an Alaskan reserve.

When: 5th October 2016
Where: JAM

Singapore’s Art Events

NTU Centre – Tan Pin Pin with Dr Hong Lysa


Tan Pin Pin, filmmaker and Artist-in-Residence and Dr Hong Lysa, historian, author of The Scripting of a National History: Singapore and Its Pasts will discuss about their influences, motivations, and also discuss the overlap in their work on non-mainstream Singapore history.

When: 5th October 2016
Where: NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore

Chan Hampe Galleries – Next Sunday


A Solo Exhibition by Khairullah Rahim. Referencing the hit Malay pop song during the 90s, ‘Memori Daun Pisang’ (Memories of Banana Leaf), “next Sunday” intends to elicit this peculiar, yet romanticised notion of the park as it reflect the limitation of free spaces in Singapore.

When: 6th October – 30th November 2016 
Where: Chan Hampe Galleries

DECK – Daido Moriyama Prints & Books 60s—80s


Speech by Sohey Moriyama from Daido Moriyama Photo Foundation, representing Daido Moriyama. Presented by Singapore International Photography Festival. For more details about entrance fee can be found on

When: 7th October 2016
Where: DECK

NTU Centre – C:\dialogue\towards_between.mxo by Julia Mihály


This is part of the public programme of Amar Kanwar: The Sovereign Forest. Julia Mihály’s performance. Considered as a multi-layered dialogue, this musical translation will use her own voice, covering a wide range of contemporary vocal techniques that will leave space for inherent soundscapes in the exhibition.

When: 7th October 2016
Where: NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore

And Events and Exhibitions in Hong Kong

Galerie Du Monde – Transformation


London-based German photographer, G. Roland Biermann, comprising monochrome photographs from his Apparition and snow + concrete series. Biermann uses of a panoramic camera designed to take landscape images to create a stretched vertical portrait format.

When: 7th October – 10th November 2016 
Where: Galerie Du Monde

Gagosian Gallery – Anish Kapoor


Showing sculptures that made during the last ten years by Anish Kapoor in which geometric formulae are filled and emptied in three dimensions. Kapoor explores and achieves the tensions on a more intimate scale. Viewers entering the gallery share their space and their gravity that has been distort as if the rules of physics are being broken.

When: 12th September – 5th November 2016 
Where: Gagosian Gallery

Massimo De Carlo Gallery – HONG KONG PANDA


The panda bear is a symbol of harmony and equality, like yin yang symbol. But the panda bear is also a tragic symbol.  With the encroachment of industry on its natural habitat, the species has been reduced to near extinction. Pruitt perceives the panda as the modern day Christ, the panda bear is dying out for our sins of greed and excess.

When: 8th September – 31st October 2016
Where: Massimo De Carlo Gallery

Axel Vervoordt Gallery – Ryuji Tanaka


Based on the text written by Koichi Kawasaki. Japanese painter, Ryuji Tanaka’s works convey a keen awareness of nature using traditional mineral pigments. The works reflect Tanaka’s deep curiosity in a variety of genres, and his continual efforts to participate in competitive exhibitions.

When: 24th August – 4th November 2016
Where: Axel Vervoordt Gallery

Art Events in George Town, Malaysia

Hin Bus Depot Art Centre – Colour Outside the Lines



Colour Outside the Lines is an exhibition and an introduction of mail art to the local community. Featuring mail arts received from all over the world sent by both well-known mail artists and the newbies. Visitors may also mail their art from the gallery and interact with the curators for more information about the movement.

When: 8th – 31st October 2016
Where: Hin Bus Depot Art Centre

Chengdu’s Art Exhibition, China

L-Art Gallery – Illusion of Reality



“Illusion of Reality”, featuring video works by artists Ma Haijiao, Wu Ding, Xu Bacheng and Ye Funa, as well as relating photography, installation and painting works. It will exhibited works by four artists, who present their thoughts on individual, society, history and philosophy in different forms, and form their own languages of image.

When: 1st October 2016
Where: L-Art Gallery

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