Tida Wei’s The Art of Giving exhibition at Veganerie Concept

Dedicate and paint for our beloved, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The Art of Giving exhibition at Veganerie Concept by Tida on Octpber 2016, 21 - 27.

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Dedicate to, and paint for our beloved, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

All proceeds from this Art Exhibition will go to the Open the Light Within project by Divine Bliss International to find land of 300-400 acres, build meditation centre and schools that embody a complete agricultural system to grow our own organic fruits and vegetables, teach yoga, meditation, and kindness

Tida Wei’s The Art of Giving exhibition

About the event

Art Exhibition “The Art of Giving exhibition” at Veganerie Concept This is an exhibition to raise funds for an ashram of light where people from all walks of life, all religions can come to and experience the light within themselves, find peace of mind, eat nutritious food, and a holistic school that teaches children how to live positively and experience education without modern day pressure and expectations, eat the right, clean & nutritious food, and find purpose in their life. This project is called the Open the Light Within by Divine Bliss International, and we’re raising funds for 100s of acres of land to build a place for everyone to come and find peace of mind both in Asia and the USA. 

Details about the event

Where: Veganerie Concept, between Emporium and Benjasiri Park, Bangkok
When: 21th – 27th October 2016


About Tida:

Tida is a Taiwanese, born in Thailand, artist who got inspiration for her paintings by love for nature and landscape. Her works based on impressionism style, Got particularly influence from works of Vincent Van Gogh, Cortes and Monet. She has been painting and start her private collection of painting since the age of  8. She currently has been ordained a minister and priest at an ashram in Florida.

Artist Full Name: Tida Wei
Nickname: Tida
Country of Origin: Thailand/Taiwan
Date of Birth: 20 May 1989
Occupation: Minister in Service of God / Priest
City/Neighborhood: Bangkok, Pattanakarn & Clearwater, Florida
Medium: Acrylic
Artistic Influences: Impressionism
Exhibition of Artworks: Private, Commission-based

Preview of the previous works by Tida Wei



Her event will exhibit until 27th October 2016. If you would like to meet and support her and help the fund raising reach the goal, do not miss the event as her interview with Onarto will be published soon.

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