Sathorn 11 Art Space – Thai by Ong-arj Loeamornpagsin

Ong-arj Loemornpagsin's solo exhibit, 'Art that Reflects Thai Society' debuts at Sathorn 11 Art Space this Saturday, January 9th.

Last modification : September 28, 2017
Sathorn 11 art space - THAI Exhibition - feat

Sathorn 11 art space - THAI Exhibition - feat

Opening: January 9 at 19:00, through February 9

Where: Sathorn Soi 11, South Sathorn Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10120

Sathorn 11 Art Space will be hosting the opening night for Ong-arj Loeamornpagsin’s solo exhibit titled ‘Art that Reflects Thai Society’ on January 9, from 19:00 onwards. Featuring 14 paintings and sculptures by the “Thai-hardcore” artist, the exhibit is dedicated to the expression and understanding of Thai cultural beliefs, politics and society.

An internationally and locally well-known artist, Ong-arj is known for his expressionistic and sometimes cryptic artwork, which is often full of social satire and symbolism.


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