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Climbing Man Wall Sculpture

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New Artworks for Sale on Onarto : June 24

New Artworks on Onarto : June 24

1. New Oil on Canvas by Akara

Thai impasto artist Akara‘s latest collection is a textured study of the tones and strokes that make up an unconventional portrait.

Featured Oil Painting:

Akara - 21 - 70 x 90 - 25

Untitled #21 by Akara, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 70 cm x 90 cm (28 in x 35 in)

2. New Acrylic by Age

A contemporary Thai artist well-known for his close up portraits in pop art colors, Age‘s newest piece is a bold step into blending religious motifs and modern style.

Featured Acrylic Painting:

Padungphon Rincom - Untitled - 130 x 170 cm

Untitled #8 by Age, 2015, Acrylic on Canvas, 130 cm x 170 cm (51 in x 67 in)

3. New Acrylic & Oil on Canvas by M.CH.R.

Abstract artist M.CH.R. is known for art pieces that mix graphic and digital styles in acrylic and oil. Here, the modern artist creates a surreal setting that evokes the children’s novel, Alice in Wonderland.

Featured M.CH.R. Painting:

M.CH.R. - Untitled 31 - 150 x 120 - 15

Untitled #31 by M.CH.R., 2016, Acrylic & Oil on Canvas, 150 cm x 120 cm (59 in x 47 in)

4. New Mixed Media by Tanawat

Thai Portrait artist Tanawat is a fan of mixed media and pencil. His incredible large-scale portraits in fabric continue to be his most popular artworks.

Featured Fabric & Pencil Artwork:

Tanawat - Untitled 09 - 120 x 140 - 15

Untitled #9 by Tanawat, 2016, Fabric & Pencil on Canvas, 120 cm x 140 cm (47 in x 55 in)

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Onarto is a one-stop destination for buying Thai art, Asian art and contemporary Asian sculpture online. We provide free international shipping and can be contacted for commissions and custom art. Every piece of artwork you purchase will come with a verified Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist.

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