Ken Resen – Organic Abstracts

American artist, Ken Ren, abstracts organic shapes to create a visual language that is both symbolic and decorative, using line and color to redefine form.

Last modification : March 22, 2016
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In His Own Words:

“Horizon, clearly separating land from sky – the real from the dreamlike – is powerful and reassuring.” – Ken Resen

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About Ken

Ken Resen studied painting, drawing and color with Josef Albers, one of the most important abstract painters and theorists of the 20th Century, at Yale University.

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He returned to being a full time painter and drawing following a career principally in Graphic Design.

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His works have been shown in numerous museums, including the Museum of Modern Art Lending Service, the Neuberger Museum, the Flinn Gallery and Anelle Gandelman Fine Art.

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Sources: Ken Resen on Tumblr, Saatchiart, Mutant

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