Exhibition: MoST Gallery – Pètra

MoST Gallery exhibition "Petra" set to take place this evening, May 19 from 19:00 onward.

Last modification : September 28, 2017
MoST Gallery - Petra

MoST Gallery – Pètra

MoST Gallery - Petra

When: Thursday, May 19 from 19:00
Where: MoST Gallery, 672/36 Charoen Krung soi 26, Bangkok, Thailand 10500

MoST Gallery presents a concept exhibition introducing an object, a product design and a ceramic story. In collaboration with Italian designers makethatstudio and Improntabarre, MoST Gallery will showcase Pètra. There will be a photography exhibition, several pieces of the iconic ceramic ware on display and the chance to pre-order pieces. 

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