Events and Exhibitions in Asia: Bangkok, Shenzhen, etc

Art and Exhibition in the beginning of September during Aug 29th - Sep 4th 2016. From Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, etc

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WTF Bar & Gallery - Archan Nair

Welcome September. This week ,29th August – 4th September 2016, we present new art events and exhibitions that happen around Asia. Also we have an event @ Shenzhen, China. Let’s check it from down below.

Bangkok’s Art Exhibitions

JAM – The Lobster

JAM - The Lobster

In a dystopian future, single people are taken to The Hotel. They are obliged to find a partner in forty-five days or else will be transformed into beasts and sent off into The Woods.

When: 31st August, 8 pm – 11 pm
Where: JAM

WTF Bar & Gallery – Archan Nair

WTF Bar & Gallery - Archan Nair

An exhibition at WTF Bar & Gallery featuring the works of Archan Nair. An Artist talk will be held on 2nd September and the live drawing will be held on 3rd September

When: 2nd September – 11th September 2016
Where: WTF Bar & Gallery

BACC – Trace and Trails

BACC - Trace and Trails

The exhibition concludes Pratuang Emjaroen’s monumental series from the first period to the very recent one spanning over five decades of his creation. Embraces the story of his life, and family or deeply involves ever-changing scenarios of Thai society, economy, and politics.

When: 2nd  September- 20th November 2016
Where: BACC

NACC – Taigers

NACC - Taigers

TAIGERS selects young artists for the quality of their works with the goal is to help them make up the ranks of a new generation of artists.

When: 3rd September, 6 PM – 10 PM
Where: NACC

S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre – A Space to Exist

Subhashok The Arts Centre - A Space to Exist

Gi-ok Joen, Korea born artist, continues to develop her series on her daughter following her last exhibition in 2011. She recorded the image of her daughter being transformed for this new exhibition “A Space to Exist”.

When: 3rd September – 2nd October 2016
WhereS.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre

Art events in Singapore

ArtScience Museum – Big bang data

ArtScience Museum - Big bang data

Discover the ways our digital footprint is transforming our lives, our decisions, and the future of society through a series of data visualisation artworks by artists, designers, journalists and innovators.

When21st May – 16th October 2016
Where: ArtScience Museum

Asian Civilisations Museum – Christianity in Asia

Asian Civilisations Museum - Christianity in Asia

The exhibition on the history and spread of Christian art in Asia. It includes pieces from 20 international institutions and private collections, including France’s Musee du Louvre and Lisbon’s National Museum of Ancient Art.

When27th May 2016 – 11th September 2016
Where: Asian Civilisations Museum

ION Art Gallery – Young Talent Programme 2015/16

ION Art Gallery - Young Talent Programme 2015-16

The 2015/16 Winners’ Solo Exhibitions showcase artwork from four artists who were selected from the 2015/16 Young Talent Programme.

When: 1st – 20th September 2016
Where: ION Art Gallery

INSTINC – FAITH Solo Exhibition by Chang Hui Fang

INSTINC - FAITH - Chang Hui Fang

The showcase of instinctive artist Chang Hui-Fang (Taiwan).  A series of works that question ‘Appropriation’ in art based on religious art works from the 15-17th century. It aims to encourage the contemporary viewer to reflect on their beliefs.

When2nd – 4th September 2016
Where: INSTINC, Singapore

Hong Kong’s Art Events

Mur Nomade – Nastaran Shahbazi

Mur Nomade - Nastaran Shahbazi

Nastaran Shahbazi,Iranian-born artist , showcase his newest paintings. It explores concept of displacement, migration and lonliness.

When: 9th July – 10th September 2016
Where:Mur Nomade

Art Beatus Gallery – Anatomy of Happiness

Art Beatus Gallery - Anatomy of Happiness

South Korean artist,  Soeun Park exhibits new series of paintings explores the pursuit of happiness, featured children from different race and age in Park’s two panelled paintings.

When19th August – 30th September 2016
Where: Art Beatus Gallery

Spring Workshop – Without Trying

Spring Workshop - Without Trying

Doris Wong Wai-yin returns with a new exhibition, exploring fear and reincarnation. The exhibition will include installations, paintings and videos.

When20th August – 16th October 2016
Where: Spring Workshop

The Cat Street Gallery – Chinoiserie

The Cat Street Gallery - Chinoiserie

Australian artist, Emma Hack photographed painted models bodies inspired by Asian artworks and culture.

When25th August – 12th September 2016
WhereThe Cat Street Gallery

Exhibition in Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

Galeri Chandan – Processus

Galeri Chandan - Processus

Prōcessus is showcasing works of young artists who are masters in figurative exertion. The exhibition focuses the process of making art. 

When19th August – 18th September 2016
Where: Galeri Chandan

Shenzhen’s Art Events, China

OCT Art & Design Gallery – New Creatures

OCT Art & Design Gallery - New Creatures

Metaphor for China’s growing idea in term of technology, art, and culture, “New Species” explores the idea of old idea and evolution of the newborn idea that develop from recombination, mutation and blending. It has been shifting China from factory producing to emerging new lifestyle that effect by globalization tide.

When27th August – 16th October 2016
Where: OCT Art & Design Gallery

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