Eric Wert – Hyper-Realist Painter

Known for his hyper-realistic paintings of fruit and vegetables, Oregon-based artist Eric Wert is an oil painter with origins in scientific illustrations.

Last modification : February 8, 2016
Artist Spotlight - Eric Wert 05 - feat

Artist Spotlight - Eric Wert 05 - feat

Artist Spotlight – Eric Wert

Eric Wert is well known for his paintings of foodfruit and vegetables. From water drops on lettuce leaves to sparkling ruby-like pomegranate arils, Wert is a highly proficient and gifted technical oil painter.

In fact, his origins as a scientific illustrator are easily apparent in his extraordinarily detailed still life work.

Artist Spotlight - Eric Wert 07

Artist Spotlight - Eric Wert 06

His signature style, reminiscent of famous Dutch still life painters (e.g. Jan Davidsz. de Heem, Pieter Claesz, Rachel Ruysch), portray intricate detail, vivid color and complex patterns and textures.

Eric’s works invite us to slow down and take a moment to understand, observe and become captivated.

Artist Spotlight - Eric Wert 03

In His Own Words

“[My works are about] the transitory nature of wealth, life, relationships and understanding. I think of my still life paintings as passive aggressive, intended to be both sweet and destructive. While they exhibit components of traditional still life—lush flowers, fabrics, and vases—the subjects are often smashed or upended, suggestive of domestic disturbance, disaster or jilted love.”

Artist Spotlight - Eric Wert 04

About Eric:

Eric Wert gained his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, later receiving his Master of Fine Arts from Northwestern University.

Artist Spotlight - Eric Wert 09-2

Eric Wert is based out of Portland, Oregon.

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