Daniel Segrove – Human Emotion Expressionist

San Francisco based artist, Daniel Segrove's figurative work deftly captures the emotional energy behind our diverse feelings and expressions.

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Emotion Paintings - feat

Emotion Paintings - feat

About Daniel Segrove

San Francisco based artist, Daniel Segrove‘s figurative work deftly captures the emotional energy behind our diverse feelings and expressions.

His works in oil paint, charcoal, acrylic and ink are often intensely expressive and showcase his talent for anatomy. Daniel’s signature look and feel blend the edges between realism, abstract and expressionism, entering into a style that is very much unique and all his own.

Emotion Paintings - 02

Emotion Paintings - 07

In His Own Words:

“My work focuses on my own perspective on life, identity, and empathy. I paint and draw people who are close to me or if they have a story I can relate too. My style consists of meticulous studies of anatomy and form, as well as pieces that explore a more emotional and expressive theme. I consider myself a figurative artist; I have been in love with portraits and the human form since I was a child. I find that as an artist, I can relate the most to art that has figures I can identify with and see a narrative of their story.

Emotion Paintings - 10

I try to capture an emotion or narrative of the figures I draw and paint. I can only consider that my work is finished if I feel that I have captured the right emotional energy to my work. I work in many mediums and use mix media in a lot of my artwork as well. I frequently paint with oil, as well as mixing mediums like charcoal, acrylic, and ink in my art. I find that when I combine multiple mediums it creates interesting and beautiful layers, just like a person’s life has many layers.

Emotion Paintings - 06

Emotion Paintings - 09

With my artwork I try to conceptualize how I can put myself in someone else’s shoes. I try to paint figures with an emotional feeling people can connect too; whether that is frustration, ecstacy, or loss of identity. Hopefully I am able to capture these emotions and connect the viewer to the figure in the artwork.” – Daniel Segrove

Studies & Exhibitions:

Daniel earned his Bachelor of Fine Art from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California.

Emotion Paintings - 03

Emotion Paintings - 05

Emotion Paintings - 04

Emotion Paintings - 08

Daniel has held shows across California, including the Benicia Arts Center, the Eric Quezada Center, New Montgomery Gallery, 17th Gallery and the 2014 Academy of Art University Annual Spring Show.

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