Asian Art Events: Serindia Gallery, Galeri Petronas , M Woods…

From Bangkok events to the new Andy Warhol exhibition in Beijing. Discover interesting art activities that happen around Asia in the 3rd week of August.

Last modification : September 28, 2017
M Woods - Andy Warhol - Contact

Hello 3rd week of August. There are more interesting exhibition during 15th – 21st August 2016. This week the exhibition will be feature from Bangkok to Beijing with the special lesser-known work by the famous Andy Warhol. Let’s take a look!

New Art Events in Bangkok

BACC – Art is Life , Life is Art

BACC - Art is Life , Life is Art

Art exhibition by Hor Tri Art Association with a corroboration of Sophirat photography. Sculptures, photographs, paintings will be exhibited in this event.

When: 16th – 30th August 2016
Where: BACC(Bangkok Art & Cultural Centre)

CITYCITY GALLERY – Grisana Eimeamkamol ‘CHAT ROOM’


“Turning your thoughts into a physical archive” A live production and installation by Grisana Eimeamkamol. Special opening reception, with 4 hours printing service, is on Wednesday, August 17 from 2pm.

When: 17th August – 11th September 2016
Where: Bangkok CityCity Gallery

Gallery – Surrender

Serindia Gallery - Surrender - Douglas Diaz

SURRENDER, the first exhibition in Thailand by Douglas Diaz, investigated the personal experience of letting go of the perception and individuality. Within the realization toward the connection between  everything in the universe and self that has been discovered by the artist and reflected on his nearly primitive-state style work.

When18th August – 25th September 2016
Where: Serindia Gallery

Gallery VER – Ten Places in Tokyo

Gallery VER - Ten Places in Tokyo

Sutthirat Supaparinya got inspiration for his work when he was an artist in residence at the Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS). Emerging with an effect of radioactive from the atomic bomb of Hiroshima and TEPCO’s nuclear power plant, the black and white video installation of 10 most-used-electricity in Tokyo as to reflected on a global energy issue.

When18th August – 24th September 2016
Where: Gallery VER

Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand – Adam Birkan

Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand - Adam Birkan

Last chance to see Adam Birkan and his exhibition with photo series that explored both ends of the economic spectrum and individuality. Chronologically exhibited photos of Hanoi in the past, present, and its development towards the future.

When: 19th August 2016
Where: Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand.

3rd Rock Gallery – Nakhon Chai Si, stills from a daydreamed road movie

3rd Rock Gallery - Nakhon Chai Si, stills from a daydreamed road movie

This first solo exhibition of Lee Wei Swee. Exhibited a Series of photographs from an imaginary movie in which the artist got his inspiration while travel to Nakorn Prathom province.

When: 20th August – 10th September 2016
Where: 3rd Rock Gallery

Numthong Gallery – The Insticnt

Numthong Gallery - The Insticnt

The exhibition shows variation of instinctively selected work that including a drawing by Niti Wattuya, the Murano glass by Pinnaree Sanpitak, the clogs by Jakapan Vilasineekul, a portrait by Angkrit Ajchariyasophon, and chairs by Makha Sanewong na Ayuthaya.

When: 20th August 30th October 2016
Where: Numthong Gallery

Jam – Cultural Studies Film – Black Rain

Jam - Cultural Studies Film - Black Rain

Black Rain A  is a 1988 Japanese film directed by Shohei Imamura and based on the novel of the same name by Ibuse Masuji. Based on events of atomic bombing of Hiroshima, this screening film on the 71st anniversary of atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

When: 21th August 2016
Where: JAM

Singapore’s Exhibitions

K+ gallery – Stephen Wiltshire – The Prodigious Savant

K+ gallery - Stephen Wiltshire - The Prodigious Savant

Stephen Wilthire is a British artist, despite his autism, has drawn a series of local Sigapore landmarks from his instantly recognisable. Singapore Panorama Drawing will also be exhibited in K+ gallery for the first time.

When: 19th August – 2nd October 2016
Where: K+ gallery

Lasalle College of the Arts – A room with a view

Lasalle College of the Arts - A room with a view

Explore the aesthetics of disappearance, vanishing identities and spaces, through video and installation from 6 Hong Kong based female artists.

When: 20th August – 16nd October 2016
Where: Lasalle College of the Arts

Objectifs Gallery – Ghost on the Wire 2

Objectifs Gallery - Ghost on the Wire 2

a multi-disciplinary exhibition showcasing works from 18 artists from Singapore and the United Kingdom under the theme of mediated communication in which communication through different channels fail us.

When: 19th August to 4th September 2016
Where: Objectifs Gallery

Visual Art Centre – Still Life & Portraiture Works

Visual Art Centre - Still Life & Portraiture Works

A group exhibition showcasing 25 of Singapore’s remarkable professional artists specialised in still life and portraiture. The exhibition will display 52 outstanding portrait and still-life works in oil, watercolour and pastels.

When: 16th – 19th Aug 2016
Where: Visual Art Centre

Hong Kong Upcoming Events

1a Space – Where the End is the Beginning

1a Space - Where the End is the Beginning

Matthew Tsang Man-fu observed the slow process of decay and ruin through his latest artworks and installations, displayed in a descending pattern that is the representation an effect of time.

When: 19th – 28st August 2016
Where: 1a Space

Hong Kong Visual Art Centre – Amnesia

Hong Kong Visual Art Centre - Amnesia

22 local artists demonstrates their individual memories and interpretation of Hong Kong’s history in history, culture and political area.

When: 18th – 22st August 2016
Where: Hong Kong Visual Art Centre

Pace Gallery – Hai Bo

Pace Gallery - Hai Bo

The solo exhibition highlighted Chinese artist, Hai Bo‘s greatest works in photography. Examining the concept of restoring the past through monochrome image of rural areas.

When: 28th July – 14th September 2016
Where: Pace Gallery

Tree of Life – Pulsation

Tree of Life - Pulsation

Local artist Norm Yip’s new abstract expressionist paintings reflect people’s positive and negative energie using dense acrylic paints and colors

When: 13th – 31st August 2016
Where: Tree of Life

Art Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur

Galeri Petronas – Al Kesah: Homage to Ismail Zain

Galeri Petronas - Al Kesah - Homage to Ismail Zain

The exhibition pays tribute to Ismail Zain, Malaysia’s most visionary artists. Including original artworks from the artist himself and 22 other Malaysian artists.

When: 1st June – 21st August 2016
Where: Galari Petronas

Andy Warhol in China

M Woods – Andy Warhol: Contact, Beijing

M Woods - Andy Warhol - Contact

An exhibit of Andy Warhol‘s lesser-known film, photography and installation works. Featured a selection of the artist’s Screen Tests, Polaroids, and Wallpaper, as well as Silver Clouds and the experimental 1963 film Kiss. Admission fee is  60RMB.

When: 6th August 2016 – 07th January 2017
Where: M woods, Beijing

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