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Climbing Man Wall Sculpture Photo

Climbing Man Wall Sculpture

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Seri Phuengporn


A few words about thai artist Seri Phuengporn

Seri Phuengporn is a Thai artist with various talents. On weekdays, it responds to requests for projects as an interior designer entrusted to it by the owners of luxury apartments or businesses seeking an environment subtly appointed. It feeds the projects it carries canvas he painted and he often performs as a sketch on the screen, since it is also a professional graphic designer.

Seri Phuengporn info

Artist Seri Phuengporn

Nickname Seri

Country Of Origin Thailand

Style Acrylic Painting – Abstract Art – portrait

Artistic Education Silkaporn University

Model, Artist Favorite nobody

InspirationFavorite Color earth tones

Favorite Material brush – knife

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Ben is general manager and founder of SUPERSOGO, a start-up which oversees various projects in Thailand, including

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  1. Avatar for Ben jeffrey turner on September 3, 2020 at 1:48 am

    hello looking for artists to paint on canvas, rep,copy.
    of the highest order i am from the uk.

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