Art for Sale: sculptures, pop art, abstract paintings

This summer, enjoy the new collection of paintings, sculptures, artworks online by talented asian artists: Kitti, Gittisak, Ja, Petch, Ath, Yao etc.

Last modification : September 28, 2017
Art for Sale - pop art - abstract painting - sculptures

Hello August! Latest collection on our art store is ready to lunch.

Take a look and see what might capture your interest !

New Art for Sale at onarto

Ath sculptures in resin

Resin sculpture of ladies and birds by Thai sculptor Ath.

Sculptures for sale - Ath - Big lady and a small bird - Lady 02 - 13.5 x 27 x 39 - 3-5

Discover this new sculptures for sale by Ath.

Yao’s Beautiful Brass Sculptures

Another Thai talented sculptor, Yao, created a unique brass sculptures suites for decoration.

Sculptures for sale - Yao - 2 Acrobat guys - Y 009 - 17 x 14 x 52 -11

Discover this new sculptures by Yao now.

Age New pop art portrait

The new painting has arrived! You don’t want to miss!

Age - Portrait 35 - 120 x 160 - 29

Teaching for more artworks from age.

Ja and her Dog painting collection are back!

Ja painting is the best for animal lovers. Take a look of these brand new artwork.

Ja - Long leg dog - 100 x 100 - 23

You don’t want to miss these lovely animal paintings as well.

Kitti – Boyfriend painting.

Gay art with unique senses of style. Kitti just paint his own lover at home with their cat.

Kitti - Ginger man and a cat - 100 x 120 - 8

More to discover from Kitti’s art collection.

Mam, more Abstract sea collection.

Preview from one of the abstract landscape paintings by Thai artist Mam.

Mam - The Sea 09 - 110 x 90 - 13

More recent artwork from this thai artist on the art store.

Pop art Portrait by Petch

Portrait made without any painting : only Canvas on Canvas. Yes ! coloured canvas on canvas for unique pop art by Thai artist Petch.

Petch - Portrait 36 - 80 x 100 - 15

Most recent artworks by Petch are online now.

Pongsakul: a scene along the river view.

Get lost in these amazing landscape art made with used jeans and Singer machine. Still so impressive art by Thai artist Pongsakul.

Pongsakul - 20 - 90 x 70 - 25

Discover the Pongsakul’s jeans collection.

SOS, Pop art painting in new collection.

Discover Thai pop art with the SOS’s new paintings.

SOS - Woman 16 - 140 x 120 - 20

Hype through SOS’s pop art paintings.

More from Gittisak’s abstract painting.

New abstract painting with red city scenery by Gittisak, Thai artist.

Gittisak - Red Town - 100 x 100 - 12

See more from the artist collection now.

Discover Asian Art with Onarto in a click

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