Art for Sale: portraits, animal art, abstract, pop art, etc

Art for sale @ studio price. Pop art, Portraits, Animal art, flowers. etc.

Last modification : September 28, 2017
Art For Sale - new artist - bird - portrait - animal painting

Hello everyone! This week we have more art online made by talented asian artists and painters, we also welcome Bird, pop art artist living in Bangkok.

Fresh painting this week

New Thai artist on Onarto: Bird.

Introducing to a colorful and strong solid color portrait with gently artistic touch from thai artist Bird. After 3 days in the shop, 2 abstract portraits were already sold out, impressive entry in the art store.

Bird - Red Hair Woman Portrait 01 - 130 X 170 - 25

You can check the availability from Bird’s Painting online.

Amazing portrait of guy with style by M.CH.R.

M.CH.R. is great thai pop art painter living in Bangkok. Discover his new paintings for sale.

M.CH.R. - Man Portrait 57 - 90 x 100 - 8

The new arrival works from M.CH.R.’s painting this week is already online.

Lovely Alyssa of Blue Bird has been arrived.

Thai artist, Bluebird present a new portrait:  Lovely Alyssa.

Blue Bird - Lovely Alyssa - 120 x 150 - 60

Don’t miss this painting along with previous artwork from thai artist Blue Bird.

Triptych Flower painting by botanic painter, Tor

Beautiful triptych actylic painting of purple orchid painting by Thai artist Tor.

Tor - Triptych Flower 24 - 210 x 100 - 30

Tor’s collection for sale but as well some flower paintings by other asian artists.

Gee’s 2012 collection available to public for the firstime.

This rare collection of acrylic paintings made in 2012 by Thai artist Gee just has been presented to the art store.

Gee - Stand - 80 x 180 - 28

Available on the website including the most  recent collection from Gee’s painting.

Lovely dogs in more realistic style by Ja, Animal-lover and painter.

Asian artist Ja added a realistic touch to her last painting of 3 street dogs.

Ja - 3 Dogs Portrait - 175 x 60 - 18

More animal paintings: check the Ja’s collection.

Pop art + Animal art by thai artist Boat.

Gold background, animals, flowers, pop art by Boat.

Boat - Deer Deer - 60 x 80 - 7

Take a look at the pop art paintings by Boat.

Abstract painting by Gittisak

Gray town from Gittitsak created a gloomy mood of the city and its high-rise buildings that reflect on the ground.

Gittisak - Gray Town - 180 x 120 - 23

Other abstract paintings from Gittisak’s collection can be found on the art shop.

Canvas on canvas by Petch

Petch’s canvas dedicated to Cara Delevingne.

Petch - Portrait 39 - 80 x 100 - 15

Discover more portrait made by canvas on canvas – whitout any painting: Petch artworks for sale.

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