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Hi Art lovers! Check out our weekly updated list of the best new featured artworks on Onarto, direct from your favorite artists. Pongsak, Peerapong, Dusit, Aranya etc.

Last modification : September 28, 2017
New Artworks for Sale on Onarto - 27 May - feat

New Artwork for Sale on Onarto : May 27

1. New Abstract Landscape by Pongsak

Pongsak Kamjornrasamekit (aka Tonic) is a talented contemporary Thai artist whose pieces blend surrealism and landscapes, producing dreamy, detailed scenes. His work serves as an ode to love, nature and the female form.

Featured Abstract Landscape:

Pongsak - Lanscape 12 - 160 x 90 - 45

Remaining Life by Pongsak, 2016, Acrylic on Canvas, 160 cm x 90 cm (63 in x 35 in)

2. New Ink Portraiture by Peerapong

Bangkok-based Thai artist Peerapong is known for his special approach to portraiture. In this instance, the artist displays a large-scale figurative piece full of splashes of color and drips.

Featured Ink Painting:

Peerapong - Portrait 17 - 140 x 180 - 25

Portrait 17 by Peerapong, 2016, Ink on Canvas, 140 cm x 180 cm (55 in x 71 in)

3. Landscape in Oil painting by Dusit

A master in impressionist rural and city scenes, in this oil painting Dusit presents a view of central Bangkok from a suburban neighborhood. With hazy city lights in the distance and a majestic sky, Dusit perfectly captures the sun setting on another hectic day in the Thai capital.

Featured Landscape Painting:

Dusit - Untitled Lanscape 17 - 140 x 140 - 32

Untitled Landscape 17 by Dusit, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 140 cm x 140 cm (55 in x 55 in)

4. Contemporary Portraiture by Aranya

Aranya is a Thai portrait artist known for her large acrylic works that focus on slightly bizarre, wide-eyed young girls. These iconic faces stare unblinkingly through Aranya’s canvases, adding a modern edge to the usual portrait works.

Featured Portrait Painting:

Aranya - Portrait 17 - 150 x 150 - 35

Portrait 17 by Aranya, 2015, Acrylic on Canvas, 150 cm x 150 cm (59 in x 59 in)

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