TCDC : 5 Things to Know about Thailand Creative & Design Center

The TCDC is the first design resource and learning facility in Asia. It inspire the growth of innovative ideas among entrepreneurs and design professionals.

Last modification : September 28, 2017


The Thailand Creative and Design Centre or TCDC is the first design resource and learning facility in the continent. It was started in order to foster the creative potential of the country and inspire the growth of innovative ideas among entrepreneurs and design professionals.

#1. Governing Bodies and Mission

The TCDC Bangkok is a part of the government’s attempt at building Thailand as a knowledge centric society. It is supervised by the Office of Knowledge Management and Development. The TCDC Chairman, Pansak Vinyaratn, has said that the country will not be able to compete with other nations when it comes to lower labor costs. To capitalize in the global market, there is a growing need to stay competitive and capitalize on the ability to design products and services for meeting the market requirements better.

TCDC Bangkok


Moreover, there is a need for the country to enhance the export revenues to maintain a surplus trade position. This is why the people should have more access to knowledge to inspire their creativity and allow them to grow product originality. As a source of knowledge, the Thailand Creative and Design Center stimulates creativity and imagination.

#2. TCDC Sprawling Location

Measuring 4490 sq. m. the facility is located on the 6th floor of the TCDC Emporium Shopping Complex. It is home to sophisticated art facilities such as Asia’s largest design library with more than 15000 books related to design, relevant publications and a large collection of videos, films and other work in the field of multimedia. A permanent exhibition offers basic design knowledge from all parts of the world and important design centers.

There is a convention facility of 130 seats, a creative space for contemporary designers to display their work for free, a shop and a restaurant.

TCDC-thai art-bangkok TCDC Bangkok

#3. National Funding

The emporium Bangkok is a nationally sponsored public organization that has been created under the initiative of the Royal Thai Government. The MCB or Material Connexion Bangkok is an extensive material library which is the only Asian and 4th branch of the globally famed Material Connexion. In tune with the understanding and utilization of latest and innovative methods, the TCDC has sought to offer the Thai people with the international standard materials resource center. This will allow the interested manufacturers and designers of the country to access the most extensive and updated materials, to influence the development of fresh products and ideas.

#4. Establishment and Philosophy

The Thailand Creative & Design Center or TCDC was set up in the year 2004 under the governance of the then Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to promote and connect creativity, cultural asset, business and skills that are suitable for the creation of quality products and services that meet the demand of the world. The organization pushed ahead the task of the development of a creative economy in 2008 to promote the creativity of entrepreneurs as the main element in the Thai economy.

TCDC emporium thai art

The organization has also built a network of knowledge management through the creation of 14 mini TCDCs all over the country. The TCDC Chiang Mai was set up in 2013 as a place for the exchange of creative ideas and preparing the local entrepreneurs to meet the changing demands all over the world. The purpose of the TCDC is to constantly manage knowledge through new ways and connect and share creativity with their business approaches. Hence, it is possible for imagination to alter your life.

#5. TCDC Exhibitions

The exhibition area has a dimension of 800 sq. m. it is created to meet the global museum standards and houses Permanent as well as Temporary exhibitions.

Permanent Exhibition: This gallery of 300 sq. m. is home to the “What Is Design?”, which explore how 10 nations known for their innovative design have interpreted their ethnic uniqueness to adopt to the 20th century industrial design classics. It also represents the ‘genius loci’ of Thai industrial design.

Temporary Exhibition: The gallery of 500 sq. m. is presents the international exhibitions and those that are sponsored by the TCDC with the aim to generate design know how and inspire the visitors by highlighting globally acclaimed designs with meticulous descriptions of their origin and concept.

TCDC Bangkok design

The economic crisis faced by the country had raised questions about its economic viability. The TCDC is an inspirational force to handle the challenges the country faced. It relies on creativity and knowledge and creates an advantage in the international podium.

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About TCDC

622 Sukhumvit Soi 24
BTS Sukhumvit Line to Phrom Phong
Tue–Sun 10.30 am to 9 pm
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