Cho Why – Natalia Ludmila – Drawn Lines

Cho Why - Natalia Ludmila - Drawn Lines

Since 2015 the world has been witness to a migration crisis estimated to be at a highest since WWII. Drawn Lines explores the fragility of the human condition while in this transitory state. The exhibition focuses on the gruelling journeys spent at sea or in land while fully exposed to perils and the natural elements. The artist’s interest lies in depicting the disquiet experienced by many migrants while in prolonged and indefinite stays in makeshifts centres and camps. As well as portraying major migration routes employed in the endeavour to reach other horizons. Drawn Lines showcases Ludmila’s main interests and pursuits as an artist both in subject-matter and technique. Expanding over two floors at Cho Why the exhibition consists of several large size watercolours on paper and a video piece. The works on paper explore migration in North Africa, the Mediterranean sea and Central America. The video uses google maps as a creative tool by…

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