Sculptures For Sale

Showing 1–48 of 50 results

Showing 1–48 of 50 results

Nowadays, it is easy to buy art deco from other countries just by one click. On Onarto, we sale sculptures online such as metal wall art, resin and brass sculpture.

Some sculptures for sale are in stock and some others need one week to be done on order before to be shipped.

Sculptures mediums: resin, brass, metal etc.

Our Sculptures For Sale are made from various materials including:

  • Resin
  • Bronze is the most popular metal for cast metal sculpture. They are strong and tend to be more dynamic but not colourful.
  • Glass is often hard, transparent and fragile. So putting glass sculpture away from children and pets would be best.
  • Metal is one of the most durable materials. They are easy to be shaped with heat or tools, and come with various sizes.
  • Ceramic is made by clay. They are weak in tension but hard and stable at high temperature. Like glass sculpture, ceramic should be displayed somewhere out of reach of children and pets.

Whatever subject you prefer, you can find a bunch of inspiring and colourful sculpture for sale here at Onarto.

Climbing man wall sculptures

Climbing man wall sculptures are available – they can be shipped within 24 hours and are available in Resin. Have a look at the set of climbing men wall sculptures.

Shipping sculptures around the world

All the sculptures for sale are available for international delivery. We pack and ship sculptures from Bangkok using Fedex or TNT. Insurance is included in every shipping to protect the artworks until they arrive to your home or office.