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Size (width x height)

100 x 100 cm




Framing & Stretching

The paintings are shipped without frame in a quality dedicated tube that perfectly protects the artwork. The painting is rolled and comes back to it’s original state once you stretch it back on a wooden base.

Framed art

Our art shipping service make possible to ship framed art. Please to contact us and if you prefer to receive framed art.

Art Order Delivery Times

Unframed paintings are shipped from Thailand within two (2) to five (5) business days of placing the order. You can expect your artworks to arrive within five (5) to twenty (20) business days from time of shipping. The delivery depends on the customs requirements of the country of destination.

Artworks custom documents are provided by onarto.

Certification of Authenticity

Painting is signed by artist and the certification of authenticity is attached with artwork.

Anek # Squares # 10


Out of stock

Delivered Worldwide by Fedex or TNT

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