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A tribute to artists living in Asia

The current art scene in Thailand can be known as a work in progress. Thai art galleries are expanding all over Bangkok, but not all thai artists are well-represented on the international circuit.

More and more artists exhibit their creations at the international art fairs and exhibitions, but the scene in the country is not yet rosy.

An ode to thai art

Onarto’s mission is to promote thai art around the world and give thai artists the international recognition they truly deserve.

We love this thai painting, by Vasan Sitthiket

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Meet the artists

Thailand is home to thousands of artists, most of whom are Thais. Bangkok is home to a number of asian and international artists who receive their freedom and inspiration from the ample tenets that form the breathing reality of the place.

Our aim is to bring together the Thai art specialists, the art lovers and enthusiasts. You can consult profiles of dozens or local and international artists living in Thailand.

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All you need to do is live in Thailand. Send us your profile, write a few words sharing your inspiration and send photos of your artworks.

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Art exhibitions calendar

Usually, art exhibitions in Bangkok are published in a dedicated calendar. We will inform you about any gallery openings, art fairs, art parties, photography exhibitions, even art courses and more.

Promote your event

You need to send us a link to your facebook event or an email with details about your exhibition, and we’ll be happy to share it with our art lovers’ community. Yes, all of this is totally free!

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Visit an art gallery

When you are looking for Bangkok things to do, the most famous attractions that will cross your mind are the Grand Palace Bangkok and the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC). While these are no doubt good places to visit, we would suggest you to discover the trending art galleries as well.

For sure, you will meet interesting people, who are sensitive to the creative ambiance of the place.

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Thai art can be experienced by the people because of the presence of art galleries. Help us bring Thai art to the connoisseurs by sending us photos and information, we will add them accordingly.